Network Ten 2017

I would have thought they could potentially pick up a couple of percentage points in network share by launching a third multichannel - but at what cost, do they have the content?

The cost could be a bit, not sure, but they have plenty of SVU rpts, NCIS rpts etc. Plus the likes of Elementary etc.

With residuals for Australian actors in past TV show apparently sorted, old Australian drama could also be used. Five series of Offspring should find a place in prime time as well - perhaps with Secret Life, Rush, White Collar Blue. Perhaps some really classic Australian series plus old reality like MasterChef during the day.

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Rush would be great, although you can watch them all on Netflix. Jamie Oliver could also be stripped 5-7 nights a week. Surely they have enough of those.

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News Corp has revealed Ten’s new and returning programs for 2017 ahead of tonight’s upfronts. It includes new Australian drama titled Sisters starring Lucy Durack (her first TV leading role) and Magda Szubanski, the return of Glenn Robbins’ character Russell Coight after a 15-year absence, and a new opinion program titled Common Sense in which real Aussies giving their opinions on the week’s most talked-about news topics.

Fairfax has a good summary of Channel 10 in 2017

Long Lost Family has been axed and the Great Australian Spelling Bee shelved.

The expected shows will return as well as confirmation for Todd Sampson’s BodyHack, Wrong Girl and Have You Been Paying Attention?

New shows include


A spin-off from Goggle Box?

Nothing bold or new.

Nothing to plug holes in the schedule.

Nothing on news.

Another woman centric drama.

Good that all Aussie adventures is back. Good to see comedy on the commercial networks.

And they renew flops? Body hack and wrong girl. Stupid waste of money.

It is but surely they can do better than reheat something that was from 15 years ago.

All this is very scant on detail as usual. We have no idea how the year is going to be structured. They haven’t addressed the gaping holes in their schedule. And they really like neglecting the news department.

It’s seems like a very tired slate of shows. I don’t see biggest loser rebounding. There seems to be much more US content than the other networks. And really nothing in light entertainment.

The only news that gets me excited is Have You Been Paying Attention will be back. Pity there is no sign of a chat show.


If they are claiming to remove the gaps they had this year at 7.30pm with consistant programming all year then I’m guessing Biggest Loser will come straight after I’m a Celeb. It might push Masterchef back a tad so Survivor and Bachelor/Bachelorette can fill the back end of the year.

I was hoping to see them go ahead with Bachelor in Paradise. I think it would’ve done better than TBL.

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[quote] Tendaily is set to capitalise on the growing demand for short-form content, with the “stand-alone, full-service, mobile-first website” offering short-form news, entertainment, lifestyle, sport and parenting content.

It will draw on the resources of Network Ten as well as other content companies while offering native advertising opportunities to clients. [/quote]

Big Brother ?

Going by this slide from the FY16 presentation i’d say that’s exactly what they plan on doing.


Certainly not the fun or “irreverent” (as they loved to put in press releases) Channel Ten of years ago.

Not sure why The Wrong Girl justified a renewal. Could also say that about TBL.

And agree about the relative neglect of the news department. I know they got burned in 2011 but surely the portfolio demands some sort of boosted profile.


I know it hasn’t been a ratings success but I have really enjoyed Todd Sampsons Body Hack and I’m glad to hear there is more of it coming.
It’s a joint production with Discovery is it not? So that likely offsets the cost associated with it.


I actually like the sound of Sisters, although I agree it is just another female chick-flick show. Which is fine for that market. But I think they have missed that crucial market with a more male driven show. Rush back in the day was quite good for that. Something they could put on Tuesday night.

I also really like the sound of Common Sense. Obviously this will probably air on Thursdays at 8:30, when Gogglebox isn’t on. I would also assume Ten would put Shark Tank on Thursday again this year.

I am not sure how Russell Coight will fair after such a long break. But amazingly it did well on ONE in repeat mode. It will probably fair alright with those that were watching back 13 years ago in the perfect demographic range for Ten.

Other than those 3 shows though ten really don’t have anything else to crow about. It seems like a very stale schedule. I would have loved to have seen a chat show for Sundays (something like James Corden with some youtube click bait segments to expand the online platform), a new 7:30 tentpole of some kind and perhaps one more drama. But nothing really jumps out at me. I am pretty disappointed that they haven’t jumped on the opportunity.

Is that it now? Or will there be more announcements throughout the day?

Judging by that graphic above bachelorette will go before bachelor this time around. Will some of these show run concurrently. As survivor and the bachelor formats are only two nights a week.

No it’s meant to be looked at like a circle. The Bachelor is still first.