Shaun Micallef's Brain Eisteddfod

During tonight’s episode (Villanova v Toorak) I notice the Latin motto on top of the show’s logo: In hoc dei dono cerebri nostri confidano

Which translates to: In this gift of God our brain is trusted (in English).

An embarrassing lack of knowledge in many areas shown tonight; right from the first question about a tributary to a river to not having heard of Banjo Paterson.

Episode 4: August 10

The Geelong College and Newcastle’s Merewether High engage in an epic battle using the power of their combined brains, forged over years in their school’s mighty foundry of excellent academic records.

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Not just the viewers - contestants react to Shaun Micallef’s new show.

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It was troubling that the students didn’t recognise Robert Menzies in this portrait by Ivor Hele in last night’s episode. The answers they gave included Harold Holt, Malcolm Fraser, Bob Hawke and John Howard.

Episode 5: August 17

NSW’s Central Coast Grammar and The Lakes College from Brisbane will battle it out for their chance to compete in the series Grand Final and the title of Australia’s cleverest school.

A good maths question for viewers at home this week:

If a 30-second advertising spot on Channel 10 costs $12,000 during prime time, and there are six commercials in an ad break, and five ad breaks across an hour, what are Channel 10’s projected revenue for the third quarter this financial year across all platforms?