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Shark Robert Invests One Million Dollars In Dirty Laundry.

All New Shark Tank Australia. Tuesdays At 7.30pm On 10 And 10 Play.

Tonight on Shark Tank Australia, history was made as one of our entrepreneurs hit the ultimate jackpot of one million dollars.

Competition in the clothing industry can be tough, but that won’t stop 13 year olds Myla and Liv from taking on the challenge. Stepping into the Tank, the tweens were seeking $80,000 for 30% equity in their sustainable swimsuits business Cinnamon Cove, designed by tweens, for tweens. To really take off, they needed a Shark with marketing expertise. Enter Davie, who teamed up with Catriona to invest $80,000 for a 33% share to give these besties a dream deal.

Victorian business woman Kat Hanzalek was on a mission to break down barriers and remove the taboo around sexual health. For her female-friendly condom, Get Down, she was seeking $160,000 for 20% of the business. Seeing the value in the business and what it represents, Sabri and Jane got down, investing $160,000 for a 40% equity, with a royalties on the first 100,000 units.

Single mum Susan Toft, was determined to add some sparkle to one of those dreary household chores. Dubbed the ‘human fairy godmother of laundry’, her business, Laundry Lady offers washing, drying and ironing, with the convenience of home pick-up and drop-off. Aiming to deliver a spotless pitch, the Queenslander was looking for $750,000 for 10% equity. Susan is in the fourth year of her business, but with four of the Sharks pulling out due to her high-company valuation and amount of money needed to beat the competition, it was all down to Robert. Making history with the largest sum of money invested in the Tank so far, Robert secured 30% of the cleaning business for a whopping one million dollars!

Unfortunately, missing out on an investment tonight, were temporary tattoo company Easy Tatt and the Chicken ORB, a chicken foraging accessory that gives gardens control over when, where and how the chickens forage.

Next Tuesday, there are mixed reactions from the Sharks, as a string of memorable Entrepreneurs enter the Tank. From a nostalgic camera to a new style of earphone - who will sink and who will swim?

Episode8, the season final is Tuesday 17 October.

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I’ve really enjoyed this show and hope ten renew it and perhaps put it at another time of the year. In saying that, I’ve also been watching the US version and that is far better with more direct conflict between the sharks and more criticism of the contestants. The AU version just seems a little nice


Sharks Board The Entertainment Bandwagon.

All New Shark Tank Australia. Tuesdays At 7.30pm On 10 And 10 Play.

Tonight on Shark Tank Australia, memorable entrances led to shock exits, with one entrepreneur facing the wrath of the Sharks. So, who survived the Shark Tank?

Madi Stefanis from Melbourne was hoping to grab the Sharks attention with a modern spin on an old classic. The 23-year-old is the founder of reusable film camera company, 35MM CO. With the camera already being sold on Australian online retailers, she was hoping to break into the US market, seeking $300,000 for 10% equity. Impressed with Madi’s sales to date, and knowing they can bring their international experience to the table, Sharks Robert and Jane settled for a shared $300,000 for 17.5% equity.

Next up, was budding entrepreneur Nevada Smith from Queensland, who was hoping to gain more than just money from the Tank. Seeking $28,000 for 40% equity for his patented interconnecting earphone business, Nevabuds. With Robert, Davie, Sabri and Jane not seeing the business as commercially viable, backed with a lack of sales, they were out. It was all down to A.I guru Catriona, who parted with $28,000 of her own money for a 49% stake in the business.

American imports, Regan and Nathan were next to dive into the Tank. The husband and wife team are hoping to transform beach trips for families everywhere, with the Burleigh Wagon. With an inbuilt esky, Bluetooth speaker, USB charging ports, and seats and seatbelts for children to ride on, they were seeking a whopping $450,000 investment for 10% equity of the business. Unfortunately impressive sales margins, weren’t enough to hook Sabri, Catriona, Jane and Robert. After some counter-offering, Davie jumped on the bandwagon, securing 25% equity for $450,000, plus a $10 royalty until the money is paid back.

Unfortunately, missing out on an investment after some sharky counter-offering, was Vanable, one of Australia’s leading custom van conversion companies.

In next Tuesday’s thrilling season finale, each Shark is on the hunt for the ultimate killer deal. They will dive headfirst into new, innovative and extraordinary products, including a new sunscreen for children and a suit hire rental business.

Season Finale Airs Tuesday, 17 October At 7.30pm On 10 And 10 Play.


The Burleigh Wagon looks very useful but the high production cost and supply issue deterred four Sharks from investing. Nathan and Regan mentioned in the episode that each wagon cost $225 to build, with components coming in from 14 factories.

Back in August I watched an episode of the US version on a flight back home from overseas and the episode that I saw was a lot more exciting. It had more interesting and innovative products than I’ve seen on our version too.

One thing with this Aussie season is that there have been way too many occasions where the Sharks just join together and make a joint investment. It means there is less fighting for between the sharks to secure a deal. There have also been a few odd deals made - last night Catriona going for the Nevabuds felt like an odd investment for something that had only been sold at markets, plus she also took almost half the business for such a small amount. To me it seemed like a bit of a dud product.

Having said that I have still enjoyed our Australian season for the most part. If it does get another season I hope that they can secure Robert as he’s been really good this season.


Sharks Spend Big On Sunscreen, Suits And Sock Drawer Heroes.

Across this season of Shark Tank Australia, our Sharks have invested over $4million, and in tonight’s season finale, the Sharks still had plenty of cash left in the Tank. But which entrepreneurs were worth the risk, and reeled in this season’s final killer deals?

First up to face the Sharks was scientist turned mum, turned entrepreneur, Stephanie Bream from Perth. Her clever sun-safe business, Sundust is a glittered sunscreen, whose glitter wears off, to remind you to reapply. Seeking investment of $100,000 for a 20% share to broaden the business to business sales, and increase online marketing, four Sharks bowed out, leaving just Robert. Seeing the potential of the product in the North American market, Robert countered with $100,000 for 75% of that market, with Stephanie agreeing to the sparkly deal.

Sydney best friends Daniel and Luke aren’t just snappy dressers, they’re aiming to help individuals to smarten up their act with Suitor, Australia’s first and only online suit hire company. Seeking $250,000 for 10% equity, they managed to sew up a lifechanging deal, reeling in Sabri and Davie for a shared deal of $250,000 for 15%.

Hoping to change lives with their products, were Bec and Erin. Relying on their own lived experience and that of the gender-diverse community, they co-founded Australia’s leading gender expression company, Sock Drawer Heroes, providing affordable gender affirming products and resources to the trans and gender diverse community. Entering the Tank seeking $120,000 for a 7.5% stake of the business, it was the pair’s shared focus between retail, and their online and physical store, that saw Sharks Sabri, Davie, Robert and Jane choose not to invest. However, seeing this as an investment for growth to better service the community, Catriona, who is on her own gender identity journey, enticed fashion expert Jane, back to the bargaining table, securing an impressive $120,000 for 16% of the business between the two.

Catriona said: “Bec and Erin’s pitch and business was one of the most impressive I’d seen on Shark Tank Australia. My reasons for investing were that the Founders are excellent, the business is profitable and serves an important community, and that I identify as non-binary and genderqueer - so I want to support businesses that are led by gender diverse people”.

The final investment for the season, went to Brandscent, the husband and wife team, providing science-backed scent marketing to businesses. Robert offered $175,000 for 25% equity.

Also see

Trans-owned business scores investment deal on Shark Tank


A notice was shown on air at the end of last night’s season finale, inviting SMEs to send their pitches to the Shark Tank Australia website. There is no guarantee the show will be renewed though.

Apart from the QNews report on the Sock Drawer Heroes, there are more articles at SmartCompany website about this season, including Sabri’s own recaps, plus follow-up articles on some of the businesses who received investment from the Sharks.

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Glad to hear Shark Tank has been renewed for 2024.


Surprised, but also not surprised that 10 are doing another season of this.

It’s a great concept, done poorly last year.


New short promo aired tonight during Jamie’s Air Fryer Meals, calling for applications. It features all of last season’s experts.


Looks like this was filmed during the recording of S01, maybe preemptively done if they decided to commission another season.

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Shark Tank Back To Take A Bigger Bite.

Shark Tank Australia Casts Net Ahead Of Jaw-Some Q4 Launch On 10 And 10 Play.

Shark Tank Australia is ready to make a splash again in 2024 with production set to start soon ahead of its launch on 10 and 10 Play later this year.

The production is currently casting the net wide, searching for Australia’s next wave of budding entrepreneurs and startups, who will pitch their ideas to the Sharks for investment with the dream of taking their businesses to the next level.

Sarah Thornton, Network Executive Producer for Shark Tank Australia and Head of Non-Scripted at Paramount Australia, said: “Australia is home to some of the world’s most successful startups and Shark Tank taps into our deep pool of entrepreneurial talent right across the country.

“There is no other show like this, where genuine investors put their own money, business acumen and time up for grabs.

“It’s no surprise there has been feverish interest to pitch this year, with applications already up 150% on last year.

“I’m loving the innovation, talent and great Aussie characters we’re seeing coming through and can’t wait to share them with viewers on Shark Tank Australia,” said Sarah.

Last season also proved this global smash hit format has a local contingent of devoted fans.

“This show offers brands next level audience engagement across a community of fans inspired by great startup ideas,” added Michael Stanford, Head of Paramount ANZ Brand Studio.

“It’s a one-of-a-kind format that aligns with how brands can and do support small business, while demonstrating the wide appeal of the entrepreneurial mindset.

“It’s no surprise advertisers wanted it back as much as we did,” said Michael.

Fans of Shark Tank Australia also swam across social media with #SharkTankAU content hooking 17 million views on TikTok.

Last year, our Sharks pledged $5.2 million into a diverse array of projects including Stryda, manufacturers of cork inner soles, Suitor, online rental for men’s formalwear, and Mimi & Co. with designer reusable modern cloth nappies, to name just a few of the businesses who have prospered from plunging into Shark Tank Australia.

This season’s shiver of Sharks will be confirmed soon, who will be ready to dive in and circle the tank to net the next big idea.

There’s still time to submit business ideas to enter the tank with casting open until 24 May at

Shark Tank Australia is based on the Dragons’ Den format owned by Japan’s Nippon TV and distributed by Sony Pictures Television to more than 50 territories globally. Shark Tank Australia is produced for Network 10 by SPT’s Curio Pictures.

Shark Tank Australia. Returning In 2024 To 10 And 10 Play.


I warmed to most of the Shark’s last season but also think it would be good to go with a couple of new ones to keep the show fresh and interesting.

Agree. Not sure what they could do differently this season to make it better… I enjoyed it, just felt a bit… budget.


Interestingly in the MediaWeek article, Monaghan says:

Monaghan couldn’t confirm if the same sharks from last year’s season would be returning.

Maybe they are looking at changing things up?


Hopefully the case. If it was me I’d probably keep Jane Lu, Davie Fogerty and Robert (if he’s still available and willing to do another Australian season) and would replace the others.

Catriona last season was getting very repetitive with her constant rants that she’s mostly interested in only tech and AI so I wouldn’t miss her too much if she didn’t come back.

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Yeah i’d agree with this proposed line-up, I don’t think Catriona and Sabi added that much personally.

I’d like them to see if they can’t get one of the old Sharks back, along with one new one to freshen things up.