Sexual Harassment Allegations in Australian Media


I guess we will see. The woman accusing him has had her name revealed all over social media.


Geoffrey Rush has announced he will be taking legal action against The Daily Telegraph for defamation. He says the stories published about him are false.


The Daily Telegraph was very foolish to print such a defamatory heading. They were probably too busy bragging about their ‘world exclusive’ to stop and remember that the comments about Rush are only allegations at this stage.


It was The Daily Telegraph.


You’re right, apologies. Now corrected. I guess I could get a lawsuit too for not checking my facts!


The Daily Telegraph will defend their report.


they probably looked at all the kudos Fairfax and ABC was getting and decided this was their “Don Burke moment”. Suckers!


News Corp reports former Seven reporter Amy Taeuber released on Twitter yesterday a formal statement in response to what she called “a barrage of allegations” which were part of an “orchestrated smear campaign”.


Perhaps not related to Australian media, but Jarryd Hayne has been caught up in rape allegations. The alleged incident supposedly happened during him time in the United States.


Parramatta were unaware of any allegations until today. Hayne has issued a denial:


Tracey Spicer awarded for her work on #metoo.


High profile actresses speaking out.



Seven also reviewing the show that he stars in too.


ABC has removed The Dr Blake Mysteries from iView and cancelled an upcoming repeat of the last episode.


I was slightly taken aback to see the Weinstein Company vanity card at the start of Nine’s Saturday night family movie given the way those being accused of sexual harassment are being so quickly erased from view.


Nine News reporting this morning that two more people have come forward to Police about alleged inappropriate behaviour by McLachlan.


Without wanting to downplay the seriousness of these allegations I find it bizarre that Christie Whelan-Browne would accept a role on The Wrong Girl alongside Craig McLachlan given what happened when they worked together on The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Why not call the allegations out at the time and refuse to work alongside him ever again? I am very sympathetic if these allegations prove to be true, but at the same time wonder why an actress would willingly subject themselves to further harassment again just to further their careers or to earn $$?


Admittingly that was the first thing I thought of also and it’s obviously come to light today with various media outlets reporting on some very awkward scenes between McLachlan & Whelan-Browne in The Wrong Girl etc.


Just maybe she didn’t know he had been cast in a role on the show when she accepted her role, After hearing her allegations about what happened on stage maybe she thought the same behaviour towards her wouldn’t happen in a studio, or simply needed the job for money to live and had backup on the set of the show to make sure that alleged disgusting behaviour couldn’t happen to her again.