Sexual Harassment Allegations in Australian Media


Caroline Wilson the latest


Anything aimed at Wilson would be just “locker room” talk and “banter”, nothing for her to worry about. That’s what Eddie McGuire would say.



She told ABC RN that at the Logies many years ago, she told Don Burke if he minded her turning her back to look up front and he asked if he could lick her back.

Yuck, filthy guy.

Yes, perhaps locker room intended and Caro (she’s tough) said she just found it really creepy and weird and moved on. But still.


Richard Glover had heard sexual allegations about Don Burke in 1991 but he didn’t have enough evidence to publish, though he did write about Burke’s overinflated ego, bullying, arrogance and lying. Burke threatened to sue, but never did.

Richard Glover on Don Burke, Good Weekend, 1991.


How widespread has this been?


They have to be seen as being proactive, especially since the allegations against Don Burke started over 20 years ago and he was allowed to stay on air despite so many people saying he was a horrible person.


The Daily Telegraph copping a lot of abuse for running a front page story on Geoffrey Rush based on an allegation made by one woman who worked on his most recent theatre production. He says that he hasn’t even been made aware of what the allegation is.

I just tried accessing the story online and got this error message:
{“message”:“Content is deleted, expired or legal killed”,“code”:410}

I wonder if they are pulling it down now?


Me thinks Mr Rush’s lawyers spammed News Corp’s legal department with threats of defamation.


I see they’ve changed the story now.

They’ve moved away from featuring large headlines and photos dominating a big part of the website:
Geoffrey Rush accused of inappropriate behaviour during Sydney Theatre Company’s King Lear

They’ve also rewritten the story and and changed the headline to:
Rush denies allegation of ‘inappropriate behaviour’


This front page condemns Rush. I think we can except legal action from him


If this found to be untrue, it could make Rebel Wilson’s defamation look like loose change.


If it is true that 200 people have come forward just about Don Burke then who knows how widespread this is


Jonathan Moran has retweeted his front page story a few times this morning. Rush responds.


That front page is disgraceful! I agree that if he’s proven to be innocent then his defamation payout will be enormous.

I think it’s time to get rid of the ‘pun’ writers at the papers. More and more they’re coming up with ridiculous heading that are often different to the actual story. This heading is a shocker and should never have been approved.


It may be a hard line to give voice to those who haven’t, while not undermining efforts by publishing non credible claims.



explains a lot


Geoffrey Rush is claiming he doesn’t know who has made the allegations against him or what they are, but News Corp claims that the chief executive of the STC had a discussion with Rush three weeks ago and that he was told the identity of the woman. That claim by News Corp is odd though as the STC stated the woman doesn’t want Rush to know who she is, so why would the CEO go against her wishes and tell Rush. There’s misinformation from someone here. This won’t go away anytime soon.


Former Nine Network publicist Annette Sharp writes about the culture at Nine.



Implications? I thought he was cleared.