Sexual Harassment Allegations in Australian Media


Different climate. Think about how many have come forward since Weinstein. It was a watershed moment. Who knows what influence McLachlan may have and what directors, studio bosses he is friends with. Weinstein ruined careers, perhaps they thought McLachlan could do the same.

Let’s not forget, acting is a tough gig to make Work. Turn down something you’re offered and you might find your card marked.


Even if McLachlan had no influence, I doubt if any of these accusations had occurred at the time and individually that things would have happened. It took until the Weinstein case for things to suddenly be taken seriously and thankfully others have now not only felt safe to share their experiences and stories but for them to actually be listened to and acted upon. I think people not in the media industry are genuinely shocked at what they are hearing worldwide and I’m sure there will be more to come but the climate has changed to allow it to all come out now.


Still there, featured in fact.


ABC still buying Google ads for it. They might want to pull those.


they’ve also dropped a repeat of the recent doco The Dream Factory because it has Craig McLachlan appearing in the closing titles… So the whole show gets dumped.


A number of people that I’ve spoken to who have experienced similar issues (remember this doesn’t just happen in the ‘media’) have said that they often don’t really have a choice because of the potential repercussions of raising the issue, the smaller or more niche the industry the more damaging it can be


In Molly Meldrum’s autobiography Ah Well, Nobody’s Perfect, Craig McLachlan is quoted as recalling an incident with Meldrum when both were appearing in a 1990’s performance of The Rocky Horror Show. The details are in the SMH:


Craig McLachlan is suing performer Christie Whelan Browne,Fairfax Media & the ABC over sexual harassment claims.


And all other media outlets that reported it incl the female victim.


Interesting that he is suing the media but not his accusers.


You can’t if they have gone to police.


Police have cleared him of any wrong doing.


They are still protected.


The allegations are still the subject of police investigation. The producers of The Doctor Blake Mysteries have cleared him of sexual harassment, sexual misconduct and workplace bullying following their own investigation.


Are you sure about that? December Media have for the allegation regarding Dr Blake. Haven’t heard anything about the police investigation into Rocky Horror.


That’s right. There are two different enquiries.


Christie Whelan Browne who accused McLachlan of the most serious reported alleged incidents is being sued.



Peter Ford is claiming she is being sued in regards to a tweet she sent him on Sunday.


Christie Whelan Brown is the first defendant