Seven & Ten News (SCA)

Thanks mate! I’m off to 88.9 FM in Tamworth!


Geez, we’ve only just started with the cold Launnie mornings and you’re already trying to escape! Good luck with the future path!


Haha, Done over a year in Tasmania, time to move on.


Has there always been the weather transition like that? Don’t recall seeing that but looks good, thanks for sharing.

All the best for the next role.


That transition is thanks to my (now former) editor. We did a few things differently with the Regional Queensland news updates


Nice to see people who care about the little extra things making the effort, the product is better for it.

Appreciate the reply.


How strange that it’d be different across markets and not a standard style. Very SCA though I guess.

Also as per the video above, I am hearing more and more presenters, more so on radio than TV though, saying ‘Nooze’ rather than ‘News’… Is that a state thing like dance and plant? or an Americanism? :person_shrugging:

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please, whoever does this, don’t :grimacing:


I know it’s excruciating. I was trying to find another example aside from the one above but can’t at the moment, but am definitely hearing it here and there.

I only heard ‘nooze’ once in Daniel’s video. The other mentions were all ‘news’. Didn’t seem intentional to me, it just came out as part of the quick goodbye.

But in general I agree. I really liked the Brian Williams era at NBC Nightly News but he had that stupid opener VO with Michael Douglas who said ‘NBC Nightly Nooze’ and that irritated me far more than it should have. I was happy when they finally got rid of that.


I would love to see them add the temp at Liawenee at the end as abit of a running gag…


Since we’re lucky to have a few Seven Tas people frequent this forums, can you please take note that I really hope you’re not going to be forced to have to include the new horoscopes and comedy sections in your bulletins. I hope that you have enough editorial freedom for now to be able to keep the quality bulletins you have been… also, please don’t axe Murph or any of the others either, they’re all pretty good. Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.


It’s certainly ironic the Tasmanian Nightly News can’t use the “Seven News” brand because of that lack of editorial control over the content, but then Seven themselves happily trash it…


On a children’s show from early 1980s had a news segment with a puppet called Gary Gnu who signed off with no gnooze is good gnooze with Gary Gnu

Murph has now worked 14 days straight on 7Tas News. 1 news + 5 weather + 8 more news!


I was thinking tonight that he’s been on every night for a while without a break! Thanks for adding it up. I’m pretty sure he said last Sunday that Kim would be back on Monday (last week) but then he has been on for the week so hopefully everything is ok for Kim.


Who else have they got to do it? Gonna be a big loss when he retires.

Our very own @Techster :wink:.

Guess Murph non-stop is the best option.