Seven Sport


The home of the big race


Seven still has the rights to Epsom Handicap, The Everest, Caulfield Guineas, Caulfield Cup and Cox Plate though.


A big loss for 7. 2018 will be the last Melbourne Cup on 7. Certainly the end of an era.


I would have thought it would have all been packaged as part of the spring carnival…surprised it’s just the one day


The Melbourne Cup Carnival includes Derby Day (Saturday before the Cup), Oakes Day (Thursday) & Stakes Day (Saturday after the Cup) along with the big race itself on November’s first Tuesday - I’d imagine that Ten will have the rights to show all four of those race days like they did in the past.


Its for the whole week not just one day. It would be a bit stupid to just acquire the “race that stops the nation”.


Also used to include the Australian Cup and Newmarket Handicap in March.Be interesting to see if they’re included along with the Turnbull Stakes in Spring or if they stay with Seven. When they were split in the past, Nine gave ordinary coverage to Flemington Races, an after thought from Sydney.


Adnews says
The deal is believed to include the week-long Melbourne Cup carnival, as well as other Group 1 race days such as Victoria Derby Day, Oaks Day and Queen Elizabeth Stakes Day.


To be fair, Seven’s horse racing coverage is quite good - there’s far fewer faults with it than say their AFL coverage where there’s a lot that can be criticized about it


Original home? I remember when ABC, Seven, Nine and Ten all broadcast the Melbourne Cup.


Looks like Seven is saving up BIG to secure the next round of AFL broadcast?


From a racing fans perspective, Sevens coverage of the racing is fantastic. Best in the country and world class. People that don’t really like/know much about racing will probably think differently


Seven has now lost two iconic Melbourne sports in one year, with both Melbourne Cup and Aus Open gone.

With the trifecta of AFL, Melbourne Cup and Aus Open, Seven really was the home of sport in Victoria. That’s no longer the case.


Not a categorical loss though - they’ve got the cricket


You mean from 2023 onwards?


Wow - didn’t realise it was that long! But the next broadcast right could be a lot more expensive. Don’t these prices always go up and never come down? :))


I reckon the next lot of AFL & NRL broadcast rights deals might be worth so much that at least two networks will decide to share the FTA component to offset the costs and maybe in 10-15 years time (perhaps slightly longer), we’ll see the sporting bodies start to completely bypass the networks altogether and produce coverage for their own online streaming services.

Pretty much.


Cricket isn’t an exclusively Melbourne sport though.

In 2018 viewers knew that to watch major sport, more often than not, they switch on 7. That is not the case from 2019 and I don’t think the loss of tennis and racing can be underestimated.


This is quite odd for Seven to let this go. Along with the Aus open, I’m getting Dejavu from when they lost the AFL and bombed in the ratings. It seems a cycle is happening.


…and knowing how embarrassing the Australian cricket team has been in recent months (with the ball tampering scandal and a poor performance on the pitch in general, post-Ashes), Nine very well might have the better end of the deal with the Australian Open leading into Married At First Sight - strong female appeal for both.

By contrast, it’s unclear whether viewers of Seven’s cricket coverage are really the same people who’d tune into My Kitchen Rules.