Seven Sport


The VFL does this every week.


Seems to be a technical difficulties with the Commgames. Seven sport promotion on both channels in adelaide. It had 3 mins of digital break up than dropped out to adverts and sport promo with the rolling message of tech issues.


Something’s going on.

Live coverage has returned, but still some gremlins.

Watermarkless on both channels (freebie for rival networks) atm


There’s watermarks on the streams though.


How is it a freebie?


Well, if a rival network saw something they wanted from that brief period for a news bulletin, it wouldn’t have any “7” on the screen.

I don’t think any network, certainly commercial, likes airing rivals’ IDs.

Case in point: networks always using Fox Footy / Fox League vision on news bulletins, even if it was produced/broadcast on FTA. Been obvious since 2012 for the former and the past year or so for the latter.


SANFL gets around this with a couple of split rounds, WAFL I assume will cover a WA Day Derby match in June (usually East Fremantle vs South Fremantle)


All three comps have 21 rounds…


But not all are played at the same time, I know there’s a State Game too scheduled this year (SA vs VIC I believe) which probably won’t get shown but there’s usually 2 AFL aligned clubs playing from an earlier or later round.


SANFL and WAFL have played 2 rounds. VFL played one round over 2 weeks. So all started the same weekend.
VFL gets their week back by not playing in a state game. This year’s state game is between the SANFL and WAFL. It is held on Sat May 12, which corresponds to round 8 in the AFL. All 4 AFL clubs associated with those competitions have the bye, along with the rest of their competitions.


I bet during the AFL bye rounds they’ll do two VFL games each week to make up.


Quite possibly, seem to remember them covering games Sat and Sun last year during the bye rounds. The minimum is 18 however.

Edit: Rounds 9 and 10 (9-17 June) Ch7 do indeed cover both Sat and Sun.


TV games up until round 12,


Where on earth did you think I was getting my info? Making it up?


You seem to have edited your post whilst I was posting the fixture for you.

Where are you getting this 18 game minimum?


I think the ACMA or ACCC or somebody from the government regulators should investigate Seven.

It amazes me how one network has managed to get a “monopoly” on sport in Australia, NRL being the only exception.

As it stands, certainly for Melbourne (expect those “Seven Melbourne - Home of Sport” promos to now run to the point of brain bleeding with cricket added.

•Test cricket & BBL cricket
•Australian Open (final year next year)
•AFL Grand Final
•Melbourne Cup

•Stawell Gift
•Swimming Championships
•Cadal Evans
•Other horse racing
•Shuite Shield

Plus we’ve just had:
•Pyeongchang 2018 Wnter
•Gold Coast 2018 Comm Games

•Tokyo 2020



Shouldn’t Fox Sports also be called a monopoly for having rights to almost every sport around the world right now, apart from multi-sport event like the Olympics and Commonwealth Games?



Its not against any law or rule for one network to have a majority of the sports rights - in any case, its a commercial decision by Seven to seek the rights


An yet despite the sports line-up Seven was beaten into second place by Nine in the three advertising friendly demographic groups.


I’m not sure that’s a direct link to the performance of Seven’s sports?

Rather their failed 3rd quarter of general programming against a demographic powerhouse in The Block, as well as Married.