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Wicked and probably A Quiet Place prequel I think. (I’m watching the DAZN game pass CBS feed with ads).

There are some benefits to taking a world feed as it’s more structured and timing more clearly communicated as to when ads are taken and durations.



I have a feeling they intentionally skipped the National Anthem performance from the Super Bowl broadcast. They don’t seem to give a damm about their American viewers…

Certainly looks like Seven took the anthem above


Indeed - anthem:


Seven (as of about 90min ago and seen in recent years) have now inserted their full screen placeholder tag (including 7 / 7+ logos) for the Super Bowl going in and out of ad breaks, now preventing the aforementioned issue earlier with CBS ads etc being seen here.


Anyone in the know have any idea if Seven still do this control from Docklands? Or would Eveleigh or even Frenchs Forest be handling it? As these 7 inserts and break aways to local ads here are surely being human intervened rather than automated.

As even after playout moved in 2019, Docklands (where Seven Sport’s base still is) were AFAIK still having control over telecasts when not on-location / OB truck / OB control rooms, with systems still utilised there, one example was the Tokyo Olympics in 2021 where Docklands still played a vital role, namely 7Plus (I was reliably told previously).

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Very subdued commentary from CBS - game going into overtime and there’s zero hype.


Nice to see Seven promoting CBS’ Sunday night schedule…


Reminds me a bit of 10’s 2014 (give or take) presentation package

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Seven also broadcast the opening of CBS’s new Tracker.


Interesting… do they even have the rights? According to Wikipedia internationally the show will be on Disney+.

Yeah I think tv.cynic means that 7 weren’t quick enough to switch away before the first few seconds (i’m assuming) was shown from the dirty feed from CBS.


Seven came back from an ad break and we basically got a shot of Las Vegas with the commentators saying “Trackers starts now on CBS” and then about 10 seconds of the show before they cut to Surveillance Oz.

I reckon the ad break may have been extended at the last minute, as at least in NSW, they show a series of ads, a 1 minute sneak peek of The 1% Club, then back to ads for a minute or so. Know that does happen but I thought it was a bit unusual.

Totally wasn’t watching the Super Bowl because of Swift. Was waiting for The Chase UK😏


Super Bowl Monday a touchdown for Seven

Reaches 2.7 million, up 43% on 2023. Live streaming soars 128%

The Seven Network’s massive live and free broadcast of the Super Bowl LVIII was a runaway hit with viewers yesterday, as the Kansas City Chiefs’ thrilling overtime victory over the San Francisco 49ers reached 2.7 million Australians across Seven and 7plus. The game itself reached 2.55 million.

The most anticipated Super Bowl in recent memory, both on and off the field with the arrival of Chiefs Tight End Travis Kelce’s megastar girlfriend Taylor Swift, had an average national total TV audience of 800,000, up 67% on last year.

BVOD viewing alone soared. The live stream on 7plus delivered 128% growth year-on-year with 37.7 million minutes streamed.

Managing Director Seven Melbourne and Head of Network Sport, Lewis Martin, said: “The biggest stars on the biggest stage, in front of record audiences: Super Bowl LVIII on Seven and 7plus had it all.

“Super Bowl is one of the world’s greatest sporting spectacles, and while we think our American friends can take a leaf or two out of our AFL broadcasting playbook, Seven’s NFL coverage only keeps growing, smashing last year’s already strong audience record across broadcast and digital.”

Seven West Media Chief Digital Officer, Gereurd Roberts, said: “The Super Bowl is yet another excellent example of 7plus’ power to bring mass cultural moments – from around the world – live and free to all Australians.

“This year’s massive numbers are a testament to both Australians’ appetite for digital sport content delivered where and how they want it, and the power of a market-leading user experience that takes them inside the heart-racing moments shaping the global sport and culture conversation.”


That’s probably the highest rated SuperBowl on 7?


Surely people were watching because of Taylor Swift’s presence more than anything. I know the NFL’s presence here continues to grow but I don’t think the number goes up that much year over year if she wasn’t in a high profile relationship with one of the star players from one of the teams competing.


7plus a shambles - broadcasting hockey on the athletics channel… grrr

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Just a thought after reading about 9 getting the Melbourne Cup… and the Olympics, and the Tennis.

Bruce has no major sport that he is involved in left on 7. When he does retire, his last broadcast will no doubt have to be on some random saturday horse race. Unless they get him back to call an AFL GF.


I seem to recall an interview with him when he gave up calling the Aus Open where he said that Horse Racing was going to be the last thing he gave up doing (rights dependant). With the Melbourne Cup at 9 now, you’d have to think the Cox Plate one year would be his likely swansong.

Calling one more GF would be a horrible idea (I remember how long it took him to get back into the groove of things when 7 regained the AFL in '07), but could easily have him in the pregame in some capacity when he decides to fully retire.