Seven (Southern Cross)

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(Sigh) and this is why non O&Os shouldn’t use the Metro brand solely. It might be ‘hick’, but if people are using the ‘TV classifieds’ then SCA are doing a good thing, it’s why we have regionalised licences. It shouldn’t be at the discretion of a Network executive in Sydney that an affiliate shouldn’t be doing something for their licence area. So brand differently and problem solved.


Just saw the first real 7 Tas branding. Wasn’t expecting this, was shown just after the football.

Hoping to get a video now.


Wow, was just going to post the same for 7 Central! Caught one tonight during the ‘Outback Chat’ infotorial(?).

Waiting to cap it as well, but it looked like this:



Here you go.



Cheers @littlegezzybear :+1:


And …



Bringin’ back memories.



This one was different, it was a full branding promo. Just trying to get some photos uploaded as the video didn’t work but here’s a sample one.


Here we go. Sorry about the quality could only get photos and then had to lower the size to get them up.

They were all singing “You’re in my heart, you’re in my soul” (except for Mick Molloy who was singing Tigerland)

Notice also the shot of the Tamar River (Launceston) for the first 7Tas and then the Derwent River (Hobart) for the second one!


Seven are clearly happy with generic branding on the channel since they’ve given SCA a template for the :heart:7 ident. Interesting to see if SCA will put together a version for SA as well. Send the SA news team to Launceston for a day to use the news set.


It doesn’t look like it. I saw a 7 MELB version on Central tonight.


It wouldn’t surprise me if an agreement has recently been struck which allowed the changing of the logo on the building and hopefully more branding now. I wonder if any changes will actually happen with the news. They seem to have ramped up the advertising of the news a lot more again (probably to coincide with WIN’s departure) and it featured prominently with Southern Cross News branding in this.


Is GTS-BKN now known as “7 GTS-BKN” on their logo? I remember that station used to be called Central GTS-BKN, which is not to be confused with the market now known as Central. I always found “Central”
an odd name for much of Spencer Gulf market - not Central Australia, and not really Central South Australia.

Also, does the GTS/BKN market always take the Adelaide feed when there are market variations, such as for AFL on Seven or NRL on Nine?


The station hasn’t been known as “Central” since 2006. Seems like it was just legacy branding from the pre-aggregation Central Television Network sales alliance between GTS/BKN, SES/RTS and Imparja (not in QLD pre-aggregation). GTS/BKN was the only one to use the CTN branding on-screen.


Tasmania and Darwin IDs:


They. Are. Horrible.


The whole campaign, the Tas implementation or the Darwin implementation?


I fail to see the problem. Though the lighting on the local footage is slightly different.

They’ve put in more effort than Prime7 with local faces and endcards.


The whole campaign. Horrible song, bad edits and so on.


Nothing against the efforts put in, I just can’t stand the song.