Seven On-Air Presentation

I wouldn’t say unnecessary, it’s clearly strategic and drives website traffic for them, it doesn’t need to be solid however and should probably just animate in/out if it needs to be there.



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Didn’t nine do that before seven though

Possibly, but it’s nothing new.

Probably going to be alone in this point of view, but does anyone else sometimes see a network (in this case 7) sometimes look like it’s lower in quality than usual ? Watching right now it looks more like a .mp4 video or like you’re watching a streaming service (talking about quality of the video, range of motion etc).

What I’m seeing on the main 7 channel right now it’s like having motion smoothing enabled… when all of the enhancements on my tv are currently set to off. Or what the difference to NTSC vs PAL (rough vs smooth motion when the camera pans around etc).

I know they have to share the bandwidth around their suite of digital channels as well so maybe that’s got something to do with it.

Most likely the channel you’re watching has fewer bits allocated to it at the moment; I notice the same thing on some main HD channels, just not enough bits to give a good image when there is motion.

Checking now the main SD channel for Seven is almost unwatchable at just 1.86 Mbps for the vision. The HD channel is just 3.52 vision which is barely enough.

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I had it on The Morning Show on 70/7HD (wasn’t directly watching it, just as background noise… glanced at it and was like wow that’s off-putting lol. It’s not the first time I’ve seen 7 in that state, have also seen Channel 9 and Channel 10 do this regularly. I checked again a bit later (the 11:30 news) and it was back to how it should be.

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Just before the midday movie Seven ran a sponsor spot that seemed as if Supercars coverage was about to start “Seven’s coverage of the Repco Supercars Championship is brought to you by Harvey Norman”. Not sure if it was a play out error or some way of getting in a spot that don’t count towards advertising. It was what you would normally see at the start of a sports telecast.


They’ve been airing these for some years now, there’s generic AFL and horse racing ones too, think they’re more ‘idents’. They have packaged vision before the board, rather than an actual sponsor billboard which is just the board. Maybe time filler? Or another spot to please their major sponsors?


It’d be a form of integration for sponsors as part of the broadcast. Either part of the deal or make good for loss of last broadcast


Just happened to notice last night that Seven Brisbane and Seven Gold Coast were out synch during the add breaks.

Has been reported before on the forum that this only happens during the 4:30 - 6:00 pm local breakout for news. And I’ve not noticed recently due to not usually having both channels on at the same time :slight_smile:

They were so out of synch that when Seven Brisbane was showing a promo, Gold Coast was showing an ad.

Last time I noticed anything like this was one afternoon during the Gold Coast Comm Games. I think that time the same ads played but in a different order.


Sorry to be dim, but if Brisbane and Gold Coast were showing different content between 4.30-6, wouldn’t they be taking breaks at different times?

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Yes, however, the point was that this was not during that time; this was at night during primetime.


Ah I see. That wasn’t clear from your post, or I interpreted it incorrectly.

Or go back to the name of the region your in, I liked that.