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How has SCA’s move to network branding been detrimental to business?

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There was plenty of outcry from listeners and businesses when their heritage stations were re-badged to Triple M. And while re-badging, they dumped one of their highest rating shows in Ray Hadley, which has seen ratings plummet.

The you have the Hit network… 2DayFM, then Hit 1041 2DayFM, then back to 2DayFM. Brisbane rebranded then reverted back. Adelaide rebranded, then reverted back. Perth flipped their brands, and multiple regional stations flipped from Hit to Triple M.

It’s been a dumpster fire from the outset. But no different to their music strategy or 2day breakfast.

I thought the 2Day branding was retained when most other stations got rebadged with Hit?

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During the Dan and Maz era it was Hit 1041 2Day FM.

Correct. They added the Hit to the frequency.

Ah my bad, I thought you were talking about TV.

The old 7mate sport watermark popped up during the Giants Cats clash last night in Sydney. Came on after an ad break late in the second term, with the HD add-on vacant. When the add-on returned half-an hour later, it was not aligned because the old watermark’s positioning is closer to the screen edge. Watermark disappeared again early in the fourth term, before the current version of the channel watermark returned around five minutes later mid-play.


What’s ironic as well, the guy that is now voicing the promos for Big Brother is the same one who voiced them when the series was on 9…


That would be Adam Whitby you would be referring to. Also VO Artists are mostly freelancers these days and not necessarily exclusive to a network.

Matt Wills. He’s pretty much the main VO guy of Channel Seven. I guess their version of Steve Britten.

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New “Thank you for making 7 Number 1” promo aired towards the end of The Voice. Listed 7 as #1 in entertainment, news, sport… and then previewed what is still to come in 2022. Also included the same set of musical notes you sometimes hear between shows, towards the end.

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It seems they have dropped the ex Nine VO guy and gone with the One used on AFL for the Big Brother promo this week.

Wonder if they realised his association with the Nine era? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Very different sort of vibe to the promo than what 7 usually has. I like it a lot.


Morning show
They added the watermark never seen that before on the morning show


It isn’t there during the week day shows that are live but is present on weekends that are taped.


Oh nice

The text is unnecessary its 2022 not 2004. It is a waste of space.

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They should be promoting 7+ somehow. Maybe a larger “7” and a smaller “7+”

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