Seven On-Air Presentation: January to September 2000


Don’t think a thread has been made yet for the graphics used between the turn of the millennium and the Sydney Olympics (AFAIK the coloured men ID first aired at 6.30pm on 15/9/2000 in Sydney at least - so probably when the 2000-02 graphics launched), so here goes!



Seven Perth-produced Promos (note the use of the 1999/Univers typeface compared to how the network-produced promos used Gill Sans at the time):


Sydney Olympics-themed elements:


Thanks to @Zampakid and the YouTube video uploads of Steve Rutherford for many of the caps you see here to compliment those from the SydneyCityTV collection.

Caps of the Idents, Lineups & other elements from this era to come later.


back in February all the way to September, 7 trailed by 9 during the ratings period. In September, Channel 9 was hit extremely hard by Channel Seven due to the Olympic Games in Sydney. This saw channel 7 score extremely high ratings and a record prime time share. Seven won the ratings year in 2000.

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