Seven - On-Air Presentation (2004-05)

Sometime in 2004

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Taken off Channel 7 Melbourne in 24 September 2004


That was a massive blunder by Seven to move Better Homes and Gardens from its original Tuesday night slot to the lower-rating Saturday night.

I think it was the following year (2005) when it moved to its current Friday night slot. In 2012, the show would air on Thursday nights (or Wednesday nights) in the AFL states but the following year it was back on Friday nights.

Another major blunder by Seven was moving Blue Heelers from Wednesday nights to Saturday nights in 2006 (the first episode in what proved to be the final season went H2H with the Essendon vs Sydney Swans AFL match which was televised by Ten, and The Bill on the ABC).

Correct me if I’m wrong but what were the ratings like for the final season of Blue Heelers in 2006? Did the ratings drop further from 2005?

According to Blue Heelers (season 13) on Wikipedia:

Ratings for this season, partially due to the series’ move to its lower-rating timeslot, were relatively low; ratings were around the 1.2 million viewer mark, increasing to 1.5 million for the finale. Blue Heelers failed to even make it into the top 20 programmes at any time during its thirteenth season.

However, John Wood did win the Gold Logie that year.

Blue Heelers’ 2006 ratings were always going to be low given what it was up against (The Bill on the ABC and the AFL on Ten).

Bernard Curry (who would later host Beauty and the Geek Australia) was a guest actor on the final season of BH.

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The ‘station bombing’ storyline in 2004 may have helped the show slightly, but it wasn’t enough to save it from the axe.

The finale episode of Blue heelers went to air on 4/06/2006, IIRC. The last ever episode cracked the top 20 in OzTAM weekly ratings (4-10 June 2006).

Production on the show ceased in 2005, so the show had already been axed when they moved it to Saturdays to play it out.


Caps from Seven Perth - Tuesday 6/7/2004

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Caps from Seven Sydney - November 2004

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Just before 7 begin to challenge 9 in ratings


Seven was already starting to challenge Nine during the latter part of 2004 - wasn’t the first season of Dancing With The Stars a hit?

Of course Early 2005 is when the transition really began. Seven had all these new hit shows while several of Nine’s had wrapped up at the end of 2004 leaving them struggling to find decent replacements.

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Yes, as was the first season of Border Security. Also, Seven News with Ian Ross was starting to gain traction, but I felt they kinda lost their way after moving into Martin Place.

We all know Nine won 2005, but what if they hadn’t axed The Block (later revived in 2010) at the end of 2004?

Immediately after the conclusion of the Athens Olympics that year

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Seven Melbourne
October, 2004



Mystery Wednesday




ATN-7 wasn’t 16:9 until August when they moved into Martin Place

I found one


I loved The Weekenders.

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The network image campaign for Stars which minor re-launched again in August 2004 after the Athens Olympics.

But the Seven promos for Feeling Good had featuring various network stars, example includes Seven’s Feeling Good ID for Home and Away had also uses the mixture of Feeling Good scenes along with a few scenes of Lucky 7 idents.

Seven’s On NOW idents features various network programs, usually they have Home and Away in On NOW ident had a some few scenes of Lucky 7 idents aired at 7pm after Today Tonight.

Then later, Seven promos for Stars idents had a few scenes of Feeling Good and Lucky 7 idents featuring a lot of stars in various Seven programs.

The promo endtags for Seven programs are also aired during this time.

According to that, Home and Away episodes 3651 to 3870 is aired from mid January to late November each year, so excited for the memories of TV history.

Channel Seven Adelaide
Friday 26 March 2004


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LA Ice & Home & Away Competition

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