Seven - On-Air Presentation (2004-05)




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Brilliant! Have been looking for more of this package.

Have always liked it. I believe that the ident music was changed later in 2004 to something slower.


It was, yeah. The first was a lucky seven remix, not sure on the second. Both idents are around on YouTube.

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Added the rest of the caps.


In 2004, I wasn’t a big fan of the Grudge look as I find this quite dreary. This was not a good look in sight. Seven struggled a bit during 2004 but managed to improve thanks to the Athens Olympics Games as well as introduction to new shows like Deal or No Deal, Dancing with The Stars, Border Security Australia’s Front Line. In september 2004, they have changed from grudge to Gottaloveit revolution. In 2005, Seven introduced a strong lineup with new shows from the US as well as increased competition against it’s rival Nine. Channel Seven had a strong improvement in 2005 thanks to hit shows Lost, Desperate Housewives, DWTS, Deal or No Deal, Border Security, although Nine finished on top by a small margin.


As far as I know, no grudges were being held!

It’s the ‘grunge’ look.

I thought it was changed later on. The title seems to suggest that it lasted until 2005, does anyone know more about when it was introduced and replaced? Maybe they changed the slogan but kept the package the same, as GottaLoveIt (I believe) was introduced in late 2004.

I am too young to have any idea, the above is mostly based on YouTube videos.


The GottaLoveit Revolution was the start of the rise of Channel Seven with new shows that were successful, e.g. Lost, Desperate Housewives, DWTS, Border, DOND and the increase of 7 News in Sydney and Brisbane. This took them a couple of years where Seven took to Number 1 in primetime ratings meaning that Nine’s dominance have ended after 6 straight years.

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I think there were significant tweaks made to the graphics (promo straps took on a cleaner look, etc.) post-Athens Olympics.

The “GottaLoveIt” slogan and the first live action IDs with what’s now become known as “the Channel Seven TV man” (known affectionately as “Timmy” by Media Spy members at the time - not sure if Seven have ever used that name for their mascot though) started sometime around the final week of 2004, I think.


The grudge look started the GottaLoveIt revolution which launched at the end of 2004 Timmy the TV man mascot made its debut in January 2005 appearing in PRG and idents during the Australian Open coverage that year