Seven On-Air Presentation 1996-98



Movie/Special Presentation Opener:


Promo Endtags:

Sport Opener:

Sport Watermark:



Two more variants of this (quality at the start of the tape wasn’t the best):

More Promo Endtags

“Australian Drama” Promo/Ident Logo Animation:



“Jurassic Week” On-Air Presentation tweaks


Jurassic Week Promo:

"Jurassic Week" themed Promo endtags:



I’m sure @Zampakid won’t mind me saving him some time by adding these caps. These are also from November 1996 recordings or to be more specific: Recordings from Sundays the 10th & 17th of that month in/around Mrs Doubtfire and Jurassic Park - both of which were high rating movies for Seven at the time. Anyway…

“40 Years Together” Ident - this one featured snippets of classic Channel Seven Idents and Programs (along with more current/recent footage for the time towards the end) set to a cover of the Men At Work classic “Down Under”:

Generic “Everyone’s Home” Ident, think the other one (caps at the top of this thread) might’ve been first used in Early 1997:

These bits before the “Next” Promos might also count as Ident? I presume many of these were made/aired with different network personalities but for now, caps of the versions with Ernie Dingo and John Wood:

Promo Endtags, notably including one for the infamous “Chase For Skase” report on Today Tonight:

…and finally, what could possibly be the earliest example of customised promotional credits on Australian TV:

With Australian commercial networks usually going for over-credit voiceovers or maybe split screening the credits of movies back in 1996, I’m going to guess that Seven might’ve only done this style of incorporating the credits & promos in a split screen format for their premiere airing of Jurassic Park. But it’s to my understanding that the concept was inspired by US television, NBC in particular (where for decades, Seven has gotten quite a lot of their branding ideas from of course) had been doing this sort of thing for a while by then.



Behold, the birth of split screen credits, NBC 2000 (launched in 1994/1995):

It looks like Seven emulated what NBC was doing at the time.



Saving @Zampakid a bit of time, here’s some from Channel Seven Perth, 16/4/1997:

The two most notable local programming variations here are “Scratch ‘n’ Win Telespin” (What was that all about?) and Kavanagh Q.C at 9.30pm on Thursdays while the East Coast seemed to be running Thief Takers.

As for the content in the network-wide promos, Concentration with Mike Hammond looked like an obvious Channel Seven response to “Burgo’s Catch Phrase” on Nine (Which one came first, BTW?) while repeats of Full Frontal from the previous year (likely edited for the timeslot/PG classification, one would imagine) were airing at 7.30pm around the same time new episodes for 1997 had just started airing in the 8.30pm Monday timeslot.

While I’m here, examples of Update & Promo/Update graphics from Seven Nightly News Perth:



The “Everyone’s Home with Seven” era which was a popular jingle lasted until May 1999 with the launch of “The One to Watch” 1.0 and the introduction of the 5 colours.

One of the better on air presentations in the 90s.

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Tie in with the then WA Lotteries Commission where you could purchase a scratchie that gave you a chance to win a spin on the telespin wheel on air. Lasted a couple years, it was as long as a typical lotto draw on air (2mins or so)

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