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What does she need to change? The stories are strong week in week out and the ratings are good.

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The culture?

Wouldn’t that have already happened though once those people had left a few weeks ago?

A little off topic, but IIRC he left Nine under not so glamorous circumstances 6 years ago, essentially getting the axe, followed reports of ACA staff being upset with him with things he was doing there.

He oversaw ACA for nearly 10 years (Tracy Grimshaw into her third year anchoring it) at a time Anna Coren had successfully replaced Naomi Robson at TT even if not at her heights, but managed to chew into Matt White’s audience gradually to eventually become No. 1 and TT would get chopped after 2013’s Helen Kapalos helm.

He was originally a Nine News producer and before that the technical adviser on Water Rats, being a former NSW Police detective in the 90s.

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Culture isn’t related to only a few individuals. They contribute to the culture, but each individual is responsible for it

You would be surprised at how many EP’s there are now in their 20’s nowadays. One I knew was two years younger than me.



Great to see Kochie back behind a desk


7NEWS Spotlight: Creating Change – A Cost of Living Special

Experts reveal practical solutions to ease Aussies’ budget burdens

No matter age or income, it seems every Australian is feeling the financial pressure of the cost-of-living crisis.

Join 7NEWS Spotlight this Sunday at 8.45pm on Channel 7 and 7plus for a special edition that will confront the issue head on, offering real solutions and real changes that Australians can implement right now to help stretch their weekly budgets.

Finance expert David Koch will lead a panel of experts, providing invaluable insights and strategies to immediately impact financial wellbeing. He will be joined by Angela Jackson, Lead Economist at Impact Economics & Policy; Besa Deda, Chief Economist of Westpac’s Business Bank; Scott Phillips, Motley Fool’s Chief Investment Officer; and Gemma Acton, 7NEWS Network Finance Editor.

The expert panel will engage with a live studio audience and address questions from viewers nationwide, offering practical advice to empower Australians to navigate their finances more effectively.

7NEWS Spotlight will feature real stories of Australians caught in the ongoing crisis, including Aussie country music star James Blundell, who candidly opens up about his own financial woes and reveals the traps that led to his bankruptcy.

Kochie said: “Australian families are at breaking point when it comes to cost of living. But there are some simple steps you can take which could save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

“Line by line through your budgets, there are savings to be had and it’s not that hard to find them. The pay-off can be big.”

Host Michael Usher said: “This affects everyone, no matter your financial position. Everyone in every generation is searching for a way to save money and balance rising costs. Our panel and guests hopefully help guide us to better financial positions.”

7NEWS Spotlight: Creating Change – A Cost of Living Special This Sunday at 8.45pm on Channel 7 and 7plus

No sign of Dr Chalmers based on the press release and screencaps. He must have been a late withdrawal.

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I just watched this program and whilst it was very good and put together well they didn’t really deliver on the desired outcome though.

Most of the episode the leader of the “boot camp” island kept saying after 9 days this works. This program works.

The only real vision we saw was physical activity and boot camp structured teachings.

They never really told us how it worked. So they were basically off their devices for 9 days and attended a camp.

But what did they actually do at that camp? Wouldn’t they just go back to their devices when they got home?

How did that boot camp get them off their devices once they got home?

I just felt like there was no real outcome of the program.

Should have called it Sunset… :wink:

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I watched the sextortion scam episode and also felt they left a lot of detail out and sensationalised it so much they forgot to give practical advice around what to do if you get scammed. Where they really failed in my opinion was they never mentioned that these scammers very rarely actually follow through with the threat to post the nude images because if they do their accounts and phones get banned really quick so they can’t keep scamming. They also didn’t address the real reason behind some of these teens ending their life is because they think they’ll go to jail or be put on the sex offenders register for life for sending nude images while under 18.


Didn’t realise they had an ABC weather riser thing infront of that screen.

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A very good program tonight. I’m so glad the show wasn’t dropped because of individual people. It’s a very strong current affairs program.


Its the same riser as during sunrise, its just they have put down black vinyl tiles down

(as seen to the right here)


A shame the current lead-in won’t help, DWTS can’t start soon enough, will also be affected again next week with a one off Sunday prime time AFL in Melbourne and Adelaide at least

Actually thought it had some pretty helpful advice.

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7NEWS Spotlight: Inside the world’s toughest prison

7NEWS Spotlight - Inside the world's toughest prison - Liam Bartlett

Plus, Charles Wooley’s rare glimpse at an Australian phenomenon

For years, El Salvador has been plagued by rampant street violence, drug cartels and murders, earning its reputation as one of the most dangerous places on earth.

Once notorious for the highest daily murder rate worldwide, it now holds the record for the highest incarceration rate.

In a remarkable episode of 7NEWS Spotlight airing this Sunday on Channel 7 and 7plus, acclaimed journalist Liam Bartlett will take viewers inside the epicentre of El Salvador’s brutal and unforgiving prison system.

The Centre for Confinement and Terrorism (CECOT) has become a symbol of President Nayib Bukele’s war against gangs. Since its establishment in 2023, it has housed tens of thousands of El Salvador’s worst criminals and gang leaders.

With exclusive access, 7NEWS Spotlight’s cameras go behind the bars and come face-to-face with the inmates inside the world’s toughest prison, witnessing first hand the inhumane conditions that have human rights organisations around the world in uproar.

Barlett said: “It’s a confronting argument whether or not this level of incarceration solves the root cause of violent crime.

“However, we are grateful to the Salvadoran government for allowing us, as the first non-Spanish-speaking television crew, to access this prison and show our audience the results.”

As Bartlett sits down with former FBI special agent Jeff Wood, he will issue a stark warning to Australia: the infiltration of notorious gangs on Australian soil is not a distant threat but a chilling reality.

Also on 7NEWS Spotlight, join Charles Wooley on an extraordinary expedition to witness the rare phenomenon of Australia’s Lake Eyre, coming to life in a spectacular event that only occurs once every two decades.

7NEWS Spotlight: Inside the world’s toughest prison
This Sunday on Channel 7 and 7plus

Broadcast times on Channel 7 and 7Plus

Sydney Brisbane and Perth : 8.45pm on Channel 7 and 7plus

Melbourne and Adelaide: 11.00pm on Channel 7 and 7plus