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From Annette Sharp’s story in the Daily Tele today:

Meanwhile, the network is yet to make a decision regarding Mark Llewellyn’s replacement at Spotlight, where producer Phil Goyen still holds the fort.

Insiders last week claimed that, despite Seven’s repeated denials, there remains a question hanging over the series.

Veteran 60 Minutes producer Gareth Harvey is one whose name has been floated as a possible solution.

The article.

Recent wins for the slot make it less likely it will be dumped.


Fresh from unveiling the 2024/25 Federal Budget, Treasurer Jim Chalmers will be special guest at the recording of Spotlight’s cost of living special, answering questions from studio audience. The show will be filmed at NEP Studios in Sydney on Saturday, May 25.

Audience tickets are now available from That’s the Ticket website

7NEWS Spotlight: The Kidney Cult

A worldwide investigation into the dangerous cult operating from Australia

Over 900 people died in the infamous Jonestown tragedy in 1978. Cult leader Jim Jones gave his followers a chemical cocktail of cyanide and grape flavouring in what’s been described as one of the biggest mass murder-suicides in modern history.

Now, questions are being raised over whether a little-known Aussie cult is linked to a similar tragedy that claimed the lives of 429 people.

In this confronting worldwide investigation airing this Sunday at 8.30pm on Channel 7 and 7plus, 7NEWS Spotlight goes inside one of Australia’s most secretive cults, the Jesus Christians, operating out of suburban Melbourne.

It’s known as The Kidney Cult, with followers urged to donate their kidneys. For what purpose, nobody knows. But it doesn’t stop there.

Leader David McKay persuades his followers to cut ties with family and friends and limits their communication from the outside world, leaving parents devastated and angry.

In a bizarre attempt to prove he is not coercing or manipulating anyone, McKay invites 7NEWS Spotlight’s cameras to spend time with him and the secretive Jesus Christians community, granting unfettered access to their home life, daily routines, beliefs and the inner workings of one of the world’s most controversial religious cults.

This time, however, McKay might have bitten off more than he can chew as he faces off with 7NEWS Spotlight’s Liam Bartlett.

“What we saw during our time there was bizarre and would eventually lead us to the other side of the world – and a story bigger and more deadly than we could ever have imagined,” Bartlett said.

7NEWS Spotlight: The Kidney Cult 8.30pm this Sunday on Channel 7 and 7plus


Pretty strong story again tonight. Glad they didn’t scrap the show - these stories deserve to be told.


Spotlight is out of next week’s schedule but it returns the following Sunday.

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Nine’s Gemma Williams is the new boss of Spotlight.

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A 25 yr old EP of a flagship public affairs show…you’ve got to be kidding.

Surely she’s just a producer and not the EP

She’s the new EP according to this:

Yeah i read the article, i just dont believe it.

I’m assuming this is the first instalment made from the new news director?

See how this pans out…

Just gossip at this stage.

I don’t see a 25yo from ACA becoming EP, no matter who her dad is.

Is there any word on why it is not on next week? Or is it just to do with all this behind the scenes stuff that is going on at the moment with SNS.

Farmer Wants a Wife reunion special.


Gemma Williams named 7NEWS Spotlight Executive Producer

Seven today also announced the appointment of Gemma Williams as Executive Producer of 7NEWS Spotlight, reporting to Mr De Ceglie.

Ms Williams is currently Sydney Bureau Chief for Nine Network’s A Current Affair.

She is a former Producer of 2GB’s Ben Fordham Live and Assistant Chief of Staff, Nine News Sydney.

Mr De Ceglie said Ms Williams was a next-generation talent and part of a strategy to recruit young leaders to Seven, setting up the news and current affairs team for the future.

Ms Williams said: “News and current affairs is my passion, and I am thrilled to be taking on this leadership role and joining the team at 7NEWS Spotlight.

“It’s a great privilege to join such an experienced team who will continue to bring viewers unmissable major investigations and breaking news events from across Australia and around the globe.”


Confirmed by Seven.

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A surprising choice but good luck to her.

Seven seeking a cultural shift after so much recent carnage perhaps.


100%. Sometimes the only way to inject new ideas and get that shift is generational change (not the only way of course). Will be interesting to see how much change she can affect.