Seven News Spotlight

When will it air in Melbourne and Adelaide?

Melbourne and Adelaide: 11.00pm on Channel 7 and 7plus


After 11pm AEST, depending on the finish time of AFL post-game coverage.

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The title for this Sunday’s (June 16) episode is: Kids and Crime - The Search for Solutions, according to a new promo shown tonight.

It’s about Australia’s youth crime crisis.

7NEWS Spotlight promo breaches accuracy requirements

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has found promotions for a 7NEWS Spotlight program about vaping broadcast by Channel Seven Sydney Pty Limited breached the accuracy rules in the Commercial TV Code of Practice.

The ACMA investigation found the program promotions inaccurately portrayed a participant as a representative of the tobacco industry. The ACMA found this to be inaccurate as there was not sufficient evidence to support the assertion that the participant, a doctor specialising in smoking cessation, is a representative of the tobacco industry.

ACMA Chair Nerida O’Loughlin said promotions for news and current affairs programs are subject to the same rules in the code of practice as the programs themselves.

“The brevity of program promotions do not exempt them from the broadcast rules,” Ms O’Loughlin said.

“Special care must be taken around the accurate portrayal of program participants, including in broadcasts of a shorter format.”

Following the ACMA’s investigation and breach finding, Seven has agreed to delete the promotions from its website and social media channels, and not rebroadcast them. Seven has also reminded its promotions team of its obligations around accuracy under the code of practice.

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7NEWS Spotlight: Kids and crime – the search for solutions

Sunday at 8.45pm on Channel 7 and 7plus

Special investigation into the growing problem

Youth crime is a widespread problem in Australia and statistics show it’s only getting worse.

In this must-see investigation airing at 8.45pm this Sunday on Channel 7 and 7plus, 7NEWS Spotlight gets to the heart of the crisis and presents real solutions on how to turn the tide on this complex and growing issue.

The alarming reality of young offenders will be under the microscope as 7NEWS Spotlight’s Sarah Greenhalgh rides along with police and meets victims of these crimes, the kids running wild in the streets and the families trying to make some sense of it all.

In a confronting, not-to-be-missed interview, Greenhalgh sits down with a teen who shares a graphic first-hand account of his life of crime.

Police, victims, experts and frustrated parents will come together to share their personal experiences and insights, along with the frontline workers who say they have the answers to save young lives and to help rebuild communities where people are living in fear.

The program also takes a close look at an overseas youth detention and rehabilitation model that some believe could significantly reduce youth crime rates here.

Sarah Greenhalgh said: “Every person we’ve spoken to agrees that a tough, law-and-order-only approach to youth crime will never fix it. Prevention really is better than cure and there needs to be a national approach to this.

“Kids who break the law and commit horrific crimes should absolutely face consequences, but it needs to be a model with proven results.”

Another great episode tonight. Sarah Greenhalgh is excellent. Despite the recent controversy the team really does produce some good work. I’m glad it wasn’t axed.


Glad the show survived after the drama from last year. The only surviving public affairs show on TV apart from 60 Minutes


And Four Corners.

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7NEWS Spotlight: The Truth About Amy

Gripping investigation unveils fresh evidence in cold case ahead of new true crime podcast

On a wintry Thursday afternoon, in a rural weatherboard home, 24-year-old mother Amy Wensley met her tragic end by a single gunshot.

Outside in the driveway, her two young daughters were waiting patiently in the car to head to their grandma’s house for a sleepover.

Uniformed constables first on the scene deemed Amy’s death suspicious, but detectives who arrived soon after were quick to categorise Amy’s death as a suicide.

That seemed impossible by the available evidence and to anyone who actually knew her. To her family, Amy was a devoted mum who put caring for her kids above all else.

Now, on the 10th anniversary of Amy’s death and with a $1 million reward on the line, 7NEWS Spotlight joins the hunt for answers in one of Australia’s most intriguing cold cases.

Did someone get away with killing Amy Wensley?

The groundbreaking investigation led by award-winning investigative journalists Liam Bartlett and Alison Sandy will air on Sunday at 8.45pm on Channel 7 and 7plus, ahead of the highly anticipated launch of a new true crime podcast from the team behind The Lady Vanishes and Shot in the Dark.

7NEWS Spotlight tracks down the men who were last to see Amy alive, and forensically re-examines the case with new expert testimony from leading cold case specialists.

With the help of one of the world’s foremost crime scene investigation experts, Scott Roder, 7NEWS Spotlight applies cutting-edge technology to reconstruct the small bedroom where Amy’s body was found, to piece together the critical missing evidence in search of The Truth About Amy.

Liam Bartlett said: “Amy Wensley was a young mum with hope in her heart and two young children who adored her. She most certainly had everything to live for and any suggestion to the contrary is both ill-informed and nonsensical.

“All signs pointed to Amy preparing a new start, but that fresh beginning came to an abrupt end in a small bedroom when a shotgun went off in circumstances that can only be described as highly suspicious.”

Real Life would be a better name than Spotlight or brand it 7 News Real Life with a heritage name and brand revived.

Why? Real Life was like a one season show from 30 years ago.


After Covid

Sunday 30 June 8:45 pm

A special investigation into what we got right and wrong in our response to the pandemic with former Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk

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Alright I see who they’re targeting now…


7NEWS Spotlight: After COVID

Annastacia Palaszczuk and panel of leading experts face the tough questions

COVID changed the world. But did Australia’s leaders get it right?

Three years on from the pandemic, the impacts are lasting – on our health, our children and the elderly.

In this must-see 7NEWS Spotlight event of the year airing on Sunday at 8.45pm on Channel 7 and 7plus, host Michael Usher will confront the critical questions that authorities have avoided answering until now.

Did lockdown serve us well? What impact has COVID had on school children? Were we deprived of our civil liberties? Did we rush the jab? What are the positives to come out of the pandemic? And what have been the key lessons?

Former Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk leads a panels of experts who were directly involved in Australia’s COVID response. She’ll be joined by Professor Robert Boyd, a vaccinology, epidemiology and infectious diseases specialist; Professor Kerryn Phelps, former president of the Australian Medical Association, former federal MP and one of Australia’s most high-profile doctors and public health commentators; Gigi Foster, professor with the School of Economics at the University of NSW and author of multiple books on the pandemic; and Associate Professor Sanjaya Senanayake, a practicing doctor and infectious diseases specialist at the Australian National University College of Health and Medicine.

The decisions they made and advice they gave is put under the microscope in a heated interrogation by a live studio audience.

Michael Usher said: “Looking back at what our leaders and experts did right and wrong during the COVID pandemic was never going to be an easy exercise. The impact on people was deep.

“We found it’s still a very emotional issue to discuss. It’s a very honest debate. Some will never be happy with Australia’s pandemic response, some think we did the right things for the greater good, and we found now is the right time to discuss how some people were failed.”

This unmissable edition of 7NEWS Spotlight will offer an unflinching look at the strategies employed by authorities. Were they effective? Were they necessary? Were they right? And, most importantly, what we could do differently next time?

7NEWS Spotlight: After COVID This Sunday, 8.45pm on Channel 7 and 7plus

Why do they have this Gigi woman on the panel constantly shaking her head and literally rolling her eyes.

Makes the whole thing look so ridiculous.


“Debate”. More of a forum for the anti’s.

Felt like a Jerry Springer episode.