Seven News Spotlight

This Sunday the show will feature an interview with The 1% Club host Jim Jefferies and his wife Tasie Lawrence.


And Denham Hitchcock presenting a story on Daniel Morcombe.



The fact that they went from doing some reasonably hard-hitting stories to constant stories about Kerri-Anne, Jacqui Lambie trying to find a new partner (who cares) and Barnaby and Vicki Campion (spew) and trying to do John Howard-style fearmongering with stories about African gangs that focussed more on their race than their actions.

60 Minutes had the Lebanon saga but people still tuned into it and believe it or not TV is a ratings business. The same didn’t happen to Sunday Night which dwindled comparatively and was therefore axed. If 60 suffered the same ratings as Sunday Night in its last year then it would’ve been axed too.

It’s all about the ratings.

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7NEWS Spotlight: How not to catch a killer

Agony for Daniel Morcombe’s family as new evidence exposes his botched search

He was Australia’s little boy lost for eight agonisingly long years, abducted as he waited to catch a bus and go Christmas shopping for his loving family.

Daniel Morcombe’s 2003 disappearance gripped the nation, while his devastated parents Bruce and Denise inspired us all with their stoicism and national child safety campaign.

So, when convicted paedophile Brett Peter Cowan confessed to kidnapping and killing the innocent teen, his lifetime jail sentence felt like the sad end to a heartbreaking tale.

Now, in a 7NEWS Spotlight major new investigation to air 8.30pm this Sunday on Channel 7 and 7plus, fresh evidence about the botched police search to find Daniel is set to shatter hearts all over again.

In the latest blow to confidence in the Queensland Police Force, a former officer steps forward to blow the lid off the bungling of Daniel’s missing persons case.

Speaking for the first time, the whistleblower was one of two young officers who fingered Cowan for the crime from the start, taking a detailed report to detectives just two weeks after Daniel was snatched from a Sunshine Coast highway.

What happened next will outrage anyone who kept vigil for Daniel for nearly a decade.

Also, get to know Australian comedy’s bad boy, Jim Jefferies, who has won over the country as host of Seven’s top-rating quiz show, The 1% Club.

7NEWS Spotlight’s Liam Bartlett sits down with the rogue funny man, who is taking on cancel culture and introduces us to the woman who has managed to tame the wild one.

For royal watchers, The Markles continue their attack on rogue sister Meghan, sharing more intimate revelations from her first marriage.

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7NEWS Spotlight: Busting the scammers

8.45pm this Sunday on Channel 7 and 7plus

Liam Bartlett cracks a billion-dollar crime cartel

In the most explosive investigation of the year, 7NEWS Spotlight’s award-winning broadcaster Liam Bartlett busts open a billion-dollar British crime cartel that is fleecing Australians of more than $4 million each and every week.

The staggeringly sophisticated crime syndicate, run by British con artists with the backing of Russian mafia, has been targeting Aussie investors they have cruelly dubbed “mugs with money”, safe in the knowledge authorities here can’t – or won’t – touch them.

In the joint expose with investigative reporter Ross Coulthart airing 8.45pm, this Sunday on Channel 7 and 7plus, Bartlett will take viewers inside “Operation Tropicana” led by Australian fraud and cybercrime specialist Ken Gamble and his IFW Global operatives.

Across 24 simultaneous raids, in association with Malaysia’s anti-crime commission, the scam busters make more than 80 arrests, including Brit king pin Andy Peters, aka “Peg Leg”, who lived a life of luxury at the expense of duped Australians.

Bartlett said: “I have been embedded with crime fighting groups from various countries over the years, but this operation was on a scale like no other. As it turned out, it needed to be. The criminal syndicate was the biggest scamming group ever to be raided by any global authority.

“The results spectacularly demonstrate the abject failure of our Federal Police to act effectively against the scourge of this ever-increasing threat to Aussie consumers; and we have to demand that things are done better,” he said.

It is a 7NEWS Spotlight exclusive every Australian must see.

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There is a related article on the Operation Tropicana episode in The Sunday Telegraph today.

Another former 60 Minutes reporter on Spotlight (for a special report)


7NEWS Spotlight: Saving ‘Australia’s Amazon’

Charles Wooley returns to television to tell the story closest to his heart

Legendary investigative journalist Charles Wooley joins the Seven Network’s flagship news and public affairs program 7NEWS Spotlight at 8.30pm this Sunday on Channel 7 and 7plus for a special report on the battle to save Australia’s majestic Tarkine Rainforest from the encroaching threat of mining.

To venture into this Tasmanian wilderness is to travel back to the very beginning.

Renowned for its unparalleled beauty and rich biodiversity, the 500,000 hectares of mountains and waterways enfolding ancient rainforests on the wild west coast of Tasmania holds great ecological value, however the expansion plans of Chinese-owned mining company MMG has raised serious concerns about of the future of this spectacular natural wonder.

For veteran reporter Wooley, a local resident who has trout fished in the Tarkine since he was a young boy, it is his most personal story yet.

Exposing the threat to the ecological integrity of this ancient wilderness, Wooley delves into the heart of the issue, turning the spotlight on the potential consequences of the mining company’s expansion into the rainforest, and calling on the Australian government to arbitrate on behalf of Tarkine.

“If you haven’t heard of the Tarkine until now you can be sure that you will,” Wooley said.

“In Tasmania there still exists an ancient rainforest of the type that has long vanished from the rest of the world. I grew up in such Tasmanian country. But even in my lifetime most of it has vanished, often converted to wood chips.

“But in the Tarkine a lost world of half a million hectares of primeval giant forest, magnificent rivers and mountains has miraculously survived. Until now,” he said.

“Unfortunately, it is largely unprotected from forestry and mining. This last inspiring stand of temperate rainforest should be seen before it vanishes.

“Now, the battle to save the Tarkine is shaping up to be Australia’s next Franklin River.”

7NEWS Spotlight Executive Producer Mark Llewellyn added: “Charles Wooley is a story-telling genius. There was no other person who could so passionately tell the story of ‘Australia’s Amazon’, a hidden and majestic part of Tasmania which needs to be protected from those who would destroy it.”


I thought this was about Prime Video. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This Sunday’s episode will also feature a report on a man who suffers from a rare condition which could kill him. The promo clip shows he laughs non-stop. It also says the man claiming Hollywood has stolen his identity.



Anyone else think we’ll see another special on Madeleine McCann? Spotlight or 60 Minutes?

7NEWS Spotlight: Killers in the mist

The nationwide investigation into vaping that every parent must watch

Generation Vape. Welcome to Australia’s new terrifying health crisis of the young.

A major 7NEWS Spotlight investigation spanning six months and going to air at a special time of 7.00pm this Sunday on Channel 7 and 7plus uncovers the sophisticated and shocking regime designed to get children addicted to nicotine – some as young as five.

Award-winning investigative journalist Ross Coulthart exposes the impact vaping is having on our youth and what manufacturers don’t want you to know about the poison our kids are breathing in.

7NEWS Spotlight goes undercover with big tobacco’s new victims, into the corridors of power in Canberra, and sits down with medical experts, who lay bare the terrifying consequences of this seemingly innocuous habit. The evidence amassed is enough to make you sick.

“I’ve investigated some terrible people and some truly evil organisations in my decades as a journalist,” Coulthart said.

“Nothing has appalled me more than the ethics and tactics of big tobacco. I remember their claims from 30 or 40 years ago that cigarettes weren’t really all that bad.

“At the end of the day, adults can make their own minds up. But recently, this evil empire has turned its mind to recruiting customers from classrooms. The situation is bad.”

7.00pm this Sunday on Channel 7 and 7plus

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What was that segment with Joe Hildebrand? Is that a regular segment now? Or just for the vaping topic? Didn’t really understand it’s relevance?

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And they sandwiched the taser story between the vape report and this panel which was jarring.


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7NEWS Spotlight: Trial and Error

It is the most controversial legal saga in recent history, one that has ferociously divided public opinion, rocked the foundations of the Federal Government in Canberra, destroyed careers and sullied reputations.

Through it all, the man accused of a shocking sexual assault has remained silent. Until now.

In the most explosive interview of the year, Bruce Lehrmann sits down with 7NEWS Spotlight’s Liam Bartlett to tell his side of the story for the first time.

Nothing is off limits as he answers questions about what happened when he entered a ministerial suite with Brittany Higgins in the early hours of Saturday 23 March 2019.

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I could have sworn Sky would have had first dibs on this…

He could have dressed up a bit.