Seven News (Regional Qld)


Rosanna Natoli posted in January that they were doing renovations. Hopefully that will include a new set at some stage.


The second studio has been relocated closer to the newsroom.
The presenter is in front of a chroma key backdrop, not a "TV screen."
Planning is underway to revamp the main set.


Even a regional version of the Melbourne set with a slightly smaller backdrop, and a printout on the desk would be acceptable. Fingers crossed as all eyes will be on QLD for the Commonwealth Games (yes it’s only GC but for a uniform local look for RQLD and GC).


Is Steve Titmus still a regular fill in presenter on Seven’s regional Queensland bulletins?

His daughter is looking like she’ll be the next big Australian swimming sensation judging by her performance at the Commonwealth Games swimming trials. The move from Tasmania seems to have been well worth it for the family.


Yes, he was filling in for Rob at the start of the year.

He also frequently files reports which air on the metro bulletin.


I didn’t realise that it was his daughter till Simon mentioned on Sunrise that her and the family moved from tassie then I realised.


Live cross to open Sunshine Coast bulletin



7QLD GM also appeared on 7 Local News

Long segment with multiple messages home:


Here’s some local content



Wan is the new Set?


Broughie’s wink is the most beautiful thing on Free-to-air TV, change my mind



Still my favourite era of television presentation :heart_eyes:


At its best when followed by an eyebrow lift - single or double :wink:


Everything about that is perfect. The frosted tips, the excitement in his stupid face as it flashes across the screen, the jiggle he does as he does his ritualistic nut grab.

:chef’s_kiss: Perrrfect.


Siege underway on the Sunshine Coast lead for 7 Sunshine Coast.


One of the advantages of having a live, locally produced news bulletin right there.

By comparison, how did Nine & WIN run the story?


The siege started in the mid afternoon and was the lead story on all the Brisbane bulletins. It was also the lead on the local WIN News (I’ll post cap there) but did not appear until about the 5th or 6th story to starty the local window on Nine’s local news. This was ridiculous given that Nine Brisbane opened with the story.


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