Seven News Presenters and Reporters

Sharyn with an OB joint reading at 4pm - no doubt the same at 6pm


I hope not what they did with Kay was wrong. They let men age on the TV but women get shafted it’s wrong and it’s a double standard. The only women that has aged on TV is probably Ann Sanders. I don’t think anyone female that is older than her on TV at the moment. Even though she was shafted from the 6pm news but for different reasons a long time ago.


But Kay and Rod were both older then. When they added Max, I think it extended Sharyn’s time on the desk. Katrina may be the succession plan, but i think thats still years out.

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Kay had years left as well when she was moved to weekends and eventually left.

Would Rod and Kay still be at the desk if they weren’t shafted for weekends?

IMO I think shifting Rod and Kay for Sharyn and Max was one of the biggest mistakes Seven has made. Sharyn and Bill would of gotten their shot eventually, but management had other ideas.


It’s one of those questions that we’ll never really know the answer to.

I reckon they would have kept going until the end of the decade at the very least. Mind you, they’re both late 60s/early 70s now so probably would have still chosen to retire at the same time they ultimately did - Kay might have stayed on a little longer but perhaps not in the main role (she might have requested to report and/or read weekends, afternoons etc. on her own accord to support the transition).

I have no idea why 7 couldn’t have brought Bill in to co-anchor weekends with Sharyn, so as not to mess with their winning weeknight formula. Then again, this was not the first time they made a bad decision with regards to their presenting lineup, having dumped Pat Welsh from weeknight sport for Shane Webcke some years earlier.


Very Sydney Centric Comment regarding Ann Sanders, Jennifer Kyte in Melbourne, Susannah Carr in Perth etc


Oh yeah, Sharyn eventually would have got her go, Management probably thought the timing was right when they managed to pick up Bill after he was made redundant by 10. Bill only lasted 6 years before he was dumped again, I didn’t mind Bill - was a pretty average anchor by all means prefer him over Max Futcher who I really can’t stand.


Things have improved in that area whereas previously any female news presenter over 40 was usually moved on. But now we’ve got presenters like Sandra Sully, Jennifer Keyte, Chris Bath, Natalie Barr, Susannah Carr, Sarah Ferguson and Nine’s about to bring back Tracy Grimshaw. Lisa Wilkinson was somewhat moved on for reasons other than age, otherwise she’d probably still be going.


What, mid 50s? She’s got a while yet.

Jane Doyle was like 64 when she retired, Ann is younger than that. And yes Susannah would be 70+


Even Ding Dong on Studio 10.

I remember her mentioned she never expected to work on TV again until she got offered the job, because she thought she was too old to be on TV.

So for Thursday as promised Samantha Heathwood reading the news and Katrina Blowers reporting


Thursday 1/02

Rosanna Mangiarelli read the weather from the desk tonight in Adelaide due to the link to Casey Trealor not working.

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Is Mark Mooney still with 7 Adelaide?

I’m not sure. Haven’t seen him report in ages but did do a summer presenting stint a few years back IIRC.

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He hasn’t been seen presenting or reporting since around February 2021, when the local morning news was launched, and Mike Smithson became weekend presenter along Rosanna Mangiarelli.

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He’s the executive producer now.

Tim Yeatman and Tim Hatfield both aren’t there anymore, so they went from 3 Tims to none very rapidly!


Good on him. Shame that we don’t get to see his on air talents anymore, great reporter & presenter.


Yes it is, he’d have been a better choice than Will to be Rosanna’s co-anchor.


Would have made more sense too tbh! I think they would of been a better duo.