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pat welsh

The Advertiser’s follow up interview with Jane Doyle:


Clearly no one at Seven updates this page… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Golf commentary? Is there any footage of this?

I remember him commentating on golf events in Melbourne that Channel 7 had in the late 1980’s and 1990’s.

Peter was a commentator alongside Sandy Roberts, Bruce Critchley and the late Renton Laidlaw & Jack Newton.

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Friday 25 September -
Alice Murray is presenting Morning News in Perth.


Paul Kadak is presenting Sydney’s Afternoon News.


Micheal Usher is presenting solo on the Sydney news tonight.


[quote=“beaversdream, post:4165, topic:15231”]
Friday 25 September -
Alice Murray is presenting Morning News in Perth
[/quote]Well back from Maternity leave already

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Saturday 26 November -
Rebecca Maddern presenting in the studio tonight with Mike Amor at Labor Party campaign headquarters.

Mike also reads the weather.


Brisbane sports presenter Katie Brown will join Sunrise next January as a roving reporter, reports The Brisbane Sunday Mail.


The Channel 7 Queensland sports reporter will shift to Sunrise in January

Judging by this wording sounds like Katie is leaving Seven News altogether so Seven News Brisbane needs a new Thursday to Saturday sports presenter next year.

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Why? Where’s Pat Welsh going?

I think it was mentioned a few weeks ago that Pat is retiring from television at the end of the year.

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And that Katie was taking over?

If Katie is “shifting” to Sunrise that makes me think it’s a full-time gig and she won’t be on 7 News anymore.

Sorry, I’m confused. Your post said “with Katie going to Sunrise means she’s leaving Seven News so they’ll need a new Thurs-Sat sports presenter”.

Katie isn’t the current weekend sports presenter, Those two things aren’t related which is why I’m confused.

Why does Katie leaving 7News mean they need a new sports presenter?

There was a change earlier in the year making Katie the Thursday and Friday sport presenter with Pat only doing Saturdays.

This post from nationalnews in February.

So over 7 nights they have 3 different sports readers? Weird. Why not just retire Pat back in February? Sounds a bit messy.

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Because he didn’t want to???

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