Seven News Presenters and Reporters

They’re both presenting. Bec is in the MCG


In Brisbane, Paul Burt reading weather in a black suit. Wow.
He was very proper and solemn reading as well.

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10/9/2022: Abbey Gelmi was at the MCG presenting sports updates.


Who read 6pm in Brisbane tonight?

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Saturday (10.9.2022):

Mark Ferguson presented in Sydney tonight.

Max Futcher and Sharyn Ghidella presented in Brisbane tonight.

Like with Nine, Melbourne’s News had the weekend anchors while Sydney/Brisbane had weekday anchors. Mike Amor and Bec Maddern presented in Melbourne as normal tonight.


Luke Bradham also was in suit over on Nine


I don’t understand why the weekend presenters couldn’t have just done it - they’re more than qualified

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The capability of the weekend anchors isn’t in question. This is a strategic decision. The networks want their main personalities front and centre for this news. It’ll be part of promos for years to come and is an incredible career highlight.

Getting your main anchors in not only shows your audience how committed to the story you are, but also the magnitude of the story.


Except for Melbourne where it was weekend presenters as usual.

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Watched a bit of Hugh Whitfield in recent days and while he’s polished, he’s a bit melodramatic.
And Peter Mitchell’s delivery, what on earth is going on there?


I was just coming to comment on Mitch. I’ve mentioned it before but his woodeness is so full on. His ‘’reporter - at XXX- thank you’ after every cross is so odd. Personalise it up a bit!!

I prefer the 7 reporting team which is why I watch, but he drives me nuts. Much prefer when Bec & Mike are presenting.


He seemed to stumble over some words last night too (I don’t normally watch 7, so it was odd to see)

Sunday 18 September -
Mike Amor presenting solo in Melbourne tonight. Rebecca Maddern is at Crown Casino to co-host the Brownlow Medal Count with Hamish McLachlan.

Tim Watson presenting sport and Jane Bunn presenting weather from the (largely empty) Brownlow red carpet.


I don’t dislike Bec but she is really out of her depth on these large events. A lot of nervous laughter when she’s doing interviews with players.

It’s just another example of why she didn’t work on Weekend Today. She’s a great reader when she just has to read the auto cue but seems to really struggle reading live and ad-libing at the same time.

Paul Kadak is presenting Thursday weather in Sydney

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A strange career move. From US Correspondent reporting on major political events such as the 2020 Election, Black Lives Matter protests and Capital Hill Riots, to reading out the weather forecast on the nightly news.

It’s not the first time.

Camera time is camera time. I dare say it’s not a career move either. He’s filling in.

Rebecca Maddern reporting from inside the MCG tonight, also presented the Afternoon news from the G as well.