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Abbey Gelmi returns to present sport in Melbourne this weekend. She missed the final days of Seven’s coverage of Birmingham Commonwealth Games because she was sick.


Good to see Michelle Bishop present the sport in Sydney tonight. She should do a awap with Mel McLaughlin so she is the permanent Sport presenter in Sydney.


I’m sure the same thing happened to Kay McGrath many years ago. IIRC, she signed off on maternity leave on a Friday night, then gave birth on the Saturday.


She gave birth to a girl named Pia Rose Beauchamp on Thursday.

Edit: added article link


Do we really need to know those finer details? Sure she might post in her Instagram or whatever but do we need to repost it here? It’s so personal.


She’s also done interviews about it in local media. I’d agree if it was only on social media but this was very much public knowledge.

Which is fine because it was discussed in interview form in the media but posting it here just feels creepy and intrusive. If the article was posted and linked then it would be fine but going out of your way to mention it after posting that she’s given birth just seems so intrusive. Some members are going too far lately with personal information on this forum. It’s starting to make me uncomfortable how much personal stuff is posted here especially when most of the time it doesn’t even generate conversation.

I forgot to mention Amanda did an interview with The Courier Mail which appeared yesterday.

Agreed, something for the perves on Auscelebs maybe, not here.

Wasn’t this the website/forum that Lily Cardis called out in 2020?

I often wondered about this myself - there have been numerous incidents of TV girls getting stalked and harassed including one being accosted by an armed man in a carpark: some do seem to overshare on their Twitter accounts which I am guessing their boss wants them to have to promote their stories. In some cases clicking on links has even shown up their work mobile numbers. This always seemed very risky to me and I am aware the married TV girls do usually use their maiden names professionally so that gives their family some privacy. Some also have personal business websites where they promote being a hired gun for PR etc presumably working off an ABN which leads you to wonder if they are ABN workers at the TV too?

TV stations seem to have taken their branding off their vehicles perhaps they should also let staffers remove their online presence if they feel the need.

Sunday 14 August -
Andrew McCormack presenting sport in Melbourne tonight.


Andrew is a great sports presenter. But also very hands on behind the scenes. Surely that adds to cred as a presenter as opposed to just reading the autocue.


He should have been given the weekend position.

The TV networks in SA don’t have logo’s on the cars, only a piece of paper with the company logo they place on the windscreen when parked near the courts or something. When I did work experience in the industry, the cars had logo’s.

Yes in the city I live in none of the TV vehicles and all but one old satellite truck have no branding on them. When asked, the staff told me they removed the banding because they were getting berated for fake news and any other of the world’s problems.

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That is correct. That is why they no-longer brand most of their vehicles (often the ‘obviously a news vehicle’ vehicles like sat-trucks etc still are branded).

Monday (15.8.2022): Mike Amor and Rebecca Maddern presenting in Melbourne tonight.


Hence why Blake did weekends. Peter must be having the week off.


‘Thanks Mitch’ Kochie says during the Sunrise update.