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Just caught a glimpse of Seven News Sydney tonight, and I definitely think that Michael Usher has improved as a newsreader, getting quite humourous in certain parts (obviously the right parts) while still maintaining authority. I feel that overall Seven has the stronger team on weekends compared to Nine (of course Georgie Gardner on Nine is much better), but I definitely think that Nine News has the better team on weeknights (with the exception of David Brown who as always is fantastic).


Let’s be honest, Seven News Sydney’s Friday/Saturday presenting team really should be their Sunday-Thursday presenting team!


Just swap Angie Asimus with a David Brown! At least with Musher, Jim and Brownie the team on Seven would be somewhat competitive against Nine.


It would be an even stronger weekend team if they got Magdalena Roze for weather.


Then where would Angie end up? Oh wait there is still the weekend anchor chair. An all-female team it shall be then (would be just as strong in a sense).


The ratings that Seven News in Sydney is getting would tend to disagree with these opinions. Sydney viewers seem to like the current line up and the bulletin is already competitive with Nine, just 25,000 difference last week.


I honestly don’t know why people make a big deal about Angie. She is good but she isn’t the best I honestly prefer Sally Bowery or Sarah Cumming


Sally was a fill-in presenter for Emmy Kubainski when they were both at TVW in the early 2010s. I think she would better stay with fill-in weather and WS. Sarah Cumming is good, but I don’t really like her on news and prefer her to stick with weather as well. Angie is much superior IMO and has got what it takes to anchor a bulletin well.

Sadly, like @TV.Cynic said, the current line up isn’t too bad ratings wise, and I doubt they’re gonna do anything about the presenting line up on weeknights anytime soon.


It’s a shame that Sarah Cumming was basically removed from Sydney weather while on maternity leave. Her talent is wasted on The Daily Edition!

I’d love to know what people find so appealing about Seven News Sydney these days. Is it just because Nine have gotten complacent or are there other factors at play?


Automation, The Chase…


Can’t be The Chase as that has now been on air for well over a year.


@nationalnews that is great news Emily has the talent and will be perfect in the role.It is a big year in her career reading news on breakfast radio and fronting Melbourne Afternoon News while Jacqui is on maternity leave.


Seven’s ratings haven’t shown much movement. The closer margin is more to do with Nine’s dramatically declining ratings.


Check out the year-on-year comparison - Seven News Sydney up 6%


And the percentage drop in Nine News Sydney?


It’s in the link - 8% drop


Holidaying & it’s finally nice to see the bloke that everyone on MediaSpy has loved to discuss the past 5 years :wink:

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Edwina Bartholomew presenting Monday Early News again this week.


Emily Angwin presenting for the first time


Did they have a VO for Emily?