Seven News Presenters and Reporters (2015-Sept 2020)

Discussion of presenters and reporters on Seven News.

Continues from the old forums

Presenting Seven News Queensland this week

Saturday (26.12.15)-Sunday(27.12.15): Kay McGrath presenting solo. Liz Cantor reading the weather again this weekend and Rohan Walsh is still on sport.
Monday (28.12.15)Wednesday (30.12.15)- Afternoon News- Amanda Abate anchoring with Paul Burt presenting weather.
6PM News- Max Futcher and Katrina Blowers anchoring, Rohan Welsh on sport and Paul Burt on the weather.
Thursday (31.12.15)- Friday (01.12.15): [/b]Afternoon News- Amanda Abate anchoring with Paul Burt presenting weather. Katrina Blowers anchored on Friday.
6PM News- Max Futcher and Katrina Blowers anchoring, Giaan Rooney on sport and Paul Burt on the weather.

Angela Tsun presented in Perth again tonight. Interestingly, Paula only presented one bulletin. (Apart from the afternoon news I think someone mentioned during last week).

Jodie Speers is back from maternity leave presenting Seven Morning News this week.

Jodie Speers presenting Morning News & Afternoon News (Sydney & Adelaide) today.

She’s a former Federal Political Reporter for Seven News & is married to Sydney radio host Ben Fordham.

Haven’t seen her for a while.

I think Paula will do 4.30 local news each day Angela Tsun doing the main 6pm bulletin
Angela is certainly being croomed to replace Susannah Carr
When she retires

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Would be great if someone would post some caps or video of Jodie presenting this week.

In Sydney, there’s been quite a variety of news presenters in recent days. Obviously, Robert Ovadia was on (complete with 2011-12 titlecard) on Christmas/Boxing Day.

Chris Reason (and the current titlecard returns…) presented the news on Sunday night.

Last night (as mentioned in the old thread) and tonight however, Melissa Doyle is presenting.

Reporter Teegan Dolley has transferred from Prime7 News Albury to Seven News Melbourne.

I would assume that means Mel is now reading weeknights with Chris reading weekends.

Probably, but I thought that Seven follow Nine in Sydney by (usually) having Sunday-Thursday and Friday/Saturday rosters for the newsreaders?

Seven need to get Mel Doyle in the 6pm seat permanently. She’s their best anchor by far.


Natalie Forrest. Is she ex GWN?

Yeah, I think she was at GWN many years ago before moving over to Prime.

Natalie Forrest mainly presents Prime7 News Updates for non-full local bulletin regions of NSW/ACT/Victoria these days, although I’m sure everyone knew that.

She’s definitely the best anchor Seven have. Wonder how long until Seven makes the switch. Surely it’s only a matter of time.

She has reported during 7’s main news last night and tonight. She was the top story (Turnbull resignations) out of Canberra today. Recognised her voice immediately and then saw the name.

She was/is chief of staff at Prime7 news IIRC

Seven Morning News today…

<img src="/uploads/default/original/1X/4fbce03700a418e7134937bd2f340a5479d4eac7.jpg" "width=“250”>

Thanks @Brad for the caps.
Jodie reminds me of a young Anne Fulwood in those caps.
Any opinions on Jodie’s performance this week.

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I thought she was good. One of those voices that is so familiar with 7 News.

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