Seven News Presenters and Reporters


Friday & Saturday -

Blake Johnson presenting in Melbourne with Jacqueline Felgate back presenting sport and Melina Sarris presenting weather.

Friday -

Robert Ovadia is presenting in Sydney.


Oh geez, another Friday night of “Ovadia v Burrows” in Sydney at 6pm.

I’m seriously tempted to direct a tweet to Jason Morrison and Simon Hobbs which basically says that both Ovadia & Burrows really should stick to reporting (surely most on Media Spy would agree?) while suggesting the IMO superior talent which should be used for fill-in newsreading, but can’t quite work out how to delicately boil all that down to 280 characters!


We get it, you don’t like either of them presenting. Seriously, what’s a tweet going to achieve? Very little I assume.


I think this is the first time Blake and Jacqueline have worked together?


Yes tonight was the first time working together on a news bulletin.
At first it was strange watching Blake in the newsreader seat and Jacqueline in the sports reader seat,but both are in the right roles.


Agreed. Give it a rest now.


OK then, but what’s your opinion about both newsreaders presenting styles? I’d be rather interested to hear that regardless of whether or not I agree.


That’s irrelevant.

It’s just that you comment about them every single time they are seen on air, it’s very repetitive. We get you don’t like. Just don’t watch them.

For me. I don’t really care who presents. As long as I get the news I need.


I don’t live in Sydney and thus don’t have an opinion of either to be able to share.

As @David said it’s just tiresome to read the same criticism all the time, especially when it seems there’s not a lot of support either way from other members about one or the other.


I agree about Mark Burrows on Nine but not necessarily Rob Ovadia. When Rob isn’t any worse than Ferguson, I don’t see why he can’t fill-in.


14 Dec 2018: Adrian Barich was at Perth Stadium where he presented the sports updates.


Rob’s twitter profile pic is a bit disturbing…



Ugh, that sent a shiver down my spine.


Is it possible that Mark Ferguson has presented his final edition of Seven News Sydney for 2018? A “Special Report” promo for Monday night’s news is using the endtag (which I believe is two years old) with Fergo & Usher standing together.


Not just possible, it’s definite. He said goodbye for the year on Thursday nights bulletin.


Thank God Jeremy Fernandez was on the ABC last night. But if i had to choose between the two it wouldn’t be Robert Ovadia. Chris Reason would’ve been better to be put on.



Hopefully we will see Angela Cox filling in over summer presenting some news bulletins or on Sunrise as she has done in recent years.


Saturday -

Blake Johnson also read the weather report on Melbourne News tonight.

Sunday -

Melina Sarris presenting weather in Melbourne.

Sunday -

Michael Usher presenting in Sydney with Mark Ferguson now on holidays.


Michael Usher just told viewers he’ll be alongside Nat for Sunrise from 9.30 tomorrow… I assume he meant 5.30am… But if he’s doing Sunrise, 7 News at 6 and The Latest this week I can understand why he might get his times a bit mixed up!