Seven News July 2020 presentation tweaks

Yay… outdated graphics…


Looks like tonight might be the night.

That or tomorrow night, either it’s coming quite soon.

Outdated or updated?

The font looks like the one used on the little tab that pops up above the strap on sunrise with something like “happening today” or whatever it is…

So it’s basically exactly the same but a a little bit worse…

So like a step backwards step but largely the same.

I get it. Makes sense to move backwards but only a little so viewers don’t notice


Am I missing something here?

All we’ve seen is the word news stretched and made more bold and “its a step backwards” “seven are crap” bla bla

Hate to see everyone’s opinion when the news actually relaunches.


I don’t particularly like Seven’s look and feel, but I just love how some members expect Seven to be some kind of sophisticated premium looking network. It’s like saying Kmart should refurbish their stores to look like David Jones, while still selling $1 bath towels and cheap coffee grinders for their stoner customers.


…and have they looked at the 9 and 10 logos recently, especially the multi channels?

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image image image image image image


I’m pretty sure we went over this a while back, but the 7 Plus graphics I don’t think are designed/ uploaded by the news team.

Hence why we see different images I.e the old globe and the old Perth title card image.

I don’t get what’s so bad about the font, I’m pretty picky on those types of things but it looks the same.

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We all know people generally don’t like radical change. I actually think tweaking and evolving is a clever strategy. Just my opinion.

It can go either way, but I feel a total revamp is effective. Look at Nine, they just go bang and it all changes.


10 managed a major switch from Eyewitness News to 10 News First fairly seamlessly as well.


Mate, this is the same forum which started discussing the brand of Ten’s latest multichannel based on the trademark application for 10 Jamm. I got slammed for suggesting that 10 Jamm was not guaranteed to be the final brand (as we now know, it’s going to be 10 Shake) and that we should wait for a press release or formal announcement before starting to discuss the new channel.

Personally I think the new/updated Seven News logo(s) looks shocking and I’m not exactly hopeful the rest will be much of an improvement, but at the same time an opinion about the entire look won’t be made from me until it’s seen in-action during full bulletins. That is when we’ll get a far clearer idea as to whether the refreshed branding is any good or not.

…or Ten, the ABC & SBS who’ve been even bolder with the more recent On-Air Presentation changes to their news services.

I agree with your overall point though.

Here’s some promos across the markets:


They really need to retire the quote “Nobody Knows (insert city) Like Seven” it’s been going on since the late 80s/early 90s.

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This Sydney competition promo has the new font in the logo as well:


This has also been modified


My OCD is buzzing with that stupid stretched font. Can’t they just make it look normal rather than stretched to look fat?

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