Seven News Content and Appearance

same one they used for the federal election


Ahh! Thank you. Looked familiar, but couldn’t put my finger on it.

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Is this going to be the new set post-relocation? Can’t imagine they’d keep it for 6 months between Federal and Victorian elections just to dispose of it.

Looks like the desk they used for State election in Wa

That is the flashpoint desk.

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Interesting to see if that desk comes to Melbourne this weekend.

It’s bloody ugly. Hope not.


Is Flashpoint still running in WA?

It was on 10am last Sunday but isn’t airing this week.


Latest 7 News Brisbane promo claiming to be No 1 in Qld for 17 years. Wonder what measure they’re using? If it’s all of Qld, I would’ve thought it was more than 17 years… but then I think they close the promo by saying “thank you Brisbane” (but not sure).


On hiatus now I believe but overall yes.

4pm news in Brisbane using the Gold Coast studio and old GC background .

Included a very rare desk interview

Weather and sport from Brisbane.

When it came to the point where there is usually a cross to the 6pm Brisbane and 5.30pm Gold Coast newsreaders for an update on tonight’s headline, Steve had to read his own.


I heard the promo again and they say “Thanks Brisbane for making us number one at 6pm”
which I guess 7 currently is for that half hour.


Caught that one tonight as well.


The promo is a jumble of claims - it starts by claiming 17 years as number one when talking about Queensland as a whole. Then it switches and thanks “Brisbane for making us number one at 6pm”.

See explanation:

Try explaining to a viewer that Seven is really number one for only half the bulletin when Nine starts running promos “SEQ’s number one news”. “Official”.


And I would’ve thought they have been No 1 in Qld much longer than 17 years? That’s only back to 2005.

Pretty sure they were clearly number one while Kay and Rod were presenting. It became much closer after they were prematurely forced onto weekends.