Seven News Content and Appearance

News is more important than any sport regardless of the time of year. We have multi channels and if someone wants to continue watching the cricket they should do so on 7Two or 7mate does not matter, but the news should not be cut down or delayed.

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oh there you are. Did you just cut and paste this from last time?


You have Nine News, 10 News, ABC News, ABC News Channel, Sky News SBS News and Flash.

And not to mention 7 News was at 6:30pm. You behave like it doesn’t air at all.


No also the cricket is day one of a five day match the news should have been shown at 6 for the full hour. BBL on 7two and the test match on 7mate until it concluded. This is exactly why multichannels exist.

Just because they exist doesn’t mean they have to use it for everything and anything.

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News is more important than sport in particular during a global pandemic. This is exactly what multiple channels are for and a perfect use case to use them effectively when sport goes overtime. News should be on at 6pm as scheduled without being moved for sport when it is completely unnecessary to do so.

You’re not getting what I’m saying. Just because it makes sense to do so doesn’t mean the networks agree and their actions have to reflect their financial state and performance.

Honestly, I don’t want to get into a debate on this. It’s Boxing Day and I’m full of chocolate and sun and beer, but as @bacco007 pointed out, it’s not like you are missing out on much you don’t get every December 26.

Channel Seven as a commercial entity is more than entitled to programme their content how they see fit and you, as a consumer, are entitled to your choice as to watch the cricket, watch the news at its later time, or watch a commercial competitor.


Just because it is boxing day is no excuse.

How old are you? I’m guessing you’re either really young or really old and seem to have no idea how TV or 21st century news actually works. People don’t only get their news from TV anymore, the internet and social media exists, AND every other network still ran news that night.

And why would you bump higher-rating content like sport to a multichannel for only 1/2hr and risk losing viewers who don’t want to switch, to replace it with anything?


Now there’s a recipe for disaster!


My age has no relevance to this discussion. Whether people get their news from other sources is also irrelevant.

It kind of does as it seems Seven sees your demographic as less important this evening.


So the networks must play the news because you demand it? Forget what the majority of the rest of Australia’s viewing habits are?


Oh, wait, did they cancel it altogether?

Seven News aired from 6:30 - 7:30.


30 minute delay?!? What’s the freaking problem then? And the full hour too. Jesus, they’re not wrong when they say some viewers are just rusted on. Can’t function without their ritualistic 6pm news absorption time. Do they ignore all other news thrown at them between the waking hours and 5.59pm too?


23 posts since I was last online, thought maybe there may have been a relaunch :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::wink:


Nope, just the same old irrelevant debate :joy:


If there was no BBL on this evening, or it started later, then yes Seven probably would have bumped the test match to 7Mate at 6pm for the news.

The BBL was scheduled to start at 6:05 EDT, and regardless of what was going on in Melbourne, that is when it would start, you can’t push back the start time just because the test is taking the extra half hour to make up overs.

Yes, 7Two could have been used as overflow, but I suspect the demo of the channel wouldn’t match either the BBL or the test match, plus the fact they would not want to disrupt the schedule for a half or full hour.

As I mentioned last time when this came up, Seven has decided that delaying the news for half an hour is better business than bumping to a multichannel. If people want the news, they can wait around for 30 minutes watching the end of the day’s play, or there are plenty of other options available to them.