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I was watching tonight (as I do every weekend) and I was thinking of what a great anchor she is. Not only is she experienced ( she has anchored Seven News Brisbane for almost 30 years) and holds authority, Kay has earned her rapport with the audience for her vigorous campaigning and donations to charities in her own time.

Personally, I think Seven should have replaced Bill with Kay at the start of the year and admit they were wrong to replace Rod and Kay in the first place… but that is another issue.

Does the desk look bare? Yes but she certainly does not need a co-anchor.


Interesting, but Melbourne is really taking to Mike Amor at the moment. He won on Wednesday (filling in), Friday and Saturday nights against Nine News.


Rare ratings loss for Kay on Sunday.


Particularly if Mike Amor rates well over Summer, do we think that Seven News Melbourne would at the moment be seriously considering moving him to the Sunday-Thursday chair & Peter Mitchell to Friday-Saturday in 2019?


I have moved to Nine News on weeknights but still switch to Seven for Kay on weekends. Completely agree she should have been moved back to weeknights.


Exactly what I have done since Janurary 2013 (except when Kay anchors over summer on weeknights) and a lot of viewers.

With increased promotion and the deterioration of Nine’s quality, Seven are slowly regaining auidences this year.


I don’t live in Brisbane but from what I see, Max and Sharyn seem more authorative together compared to when Bill was there and Melissa and Andrew on 9.

Isn’t Seven the ratings winner in Brisbane or something?


Seven News Brisbane has won the 2018 ratings year, their first win in 3-5 years.

Personally, I don’t believe that this has happened because Max is a better anchor or the duo are better than Nine’s offering. In fact, I would say Max lacks the authority, and perhaps confidence, to lead the news team- luckily they have Sharyn. The same as Bill, I think Max and Kendall should have been put on weekends together for a few years with Kay and Sharyn weeknights. I disagree with them jumping these unfamilar presenters into the anchor chair immediately.

So why did Seven win? They put a heck more of an effort this year than in years prior. Max has been heavily promoted, more than Bill was, and was sent to Canberra, Thailand etc for specialist coverage. Furthermore, when the Olympics were on (the most potential viewers they have), Max and Sharyn co-anchored from the GC for two weeks straight! The same thing happened for the QLD drought coverage. It is now the end of October, and neither Max nor Sharyn have had any leave; Max had one Friday off a few weeks ago but, other than transit, that is it. With the occasional ratings win, they have built confidence to produce less consumer reports and thus deliver a slightly better product.


Yes, Seven News have won the year (for the 6pm half + hour long average figures) in the Brisbane/South East Queensland TV market.

I daresay it might be a combination of both Max Futcher (even though he seems to be a little awkward) and Nine’s deteriorating content standards which has been getting viewers to switch over.

I think you mean Commonwealth Games, although to be fair GC2018 probably was the closest thing to an Olympic Games the Gold Coast will ever see unless there happens to be some amazingly successful SEQ bid for an Olympics in the future. But that’s beside the point!

What I think Seven will really need to look at in 2019 is improving are their Sydney & Melbourne news services. With the very notable exception of their weather coverage, I wouldn’t say their bulletins are stronger than Nine’s!


Have been told when Nine found out Max was reporting from Thailand, they were scrambling to respond. Thus, they sent Lofty to anchor live from Ipswich to cover the shenanigans happening there.


Great camera work by Seven News reporter Leonie Ryan. :smiley:


Letisha Marambio from Ten News with the same footage…


Victoria Votes transition


Clean version of the logo part from the 2011-2012 package (sorry @Abesty)


Community radio station 4CRB has recently introduced local Gold Coast news using the resources of 7 News Gold Coast. The strange thing is that the radio promos say “7 GC News as seen on Channel 71”. Seems odd; yes the local news is on 71 but is also on 7 (but not 70 the HD channel that carries the Brisbane feed).


Just notice something new during this evening’s Melbourne bulletin: a 10-second promo saying 7news will return in 30 seconds, followed by a 30-second Officeworks ad, but with a banner at the bottom showing what’s coming up later in the bulletin. Has anyone seen something similar?


Aka what Nine’s been doing since the start of this year.


This started 4 weeks ago, I made this whinge post when I first saw it.


And it was happening last year or the year before in Brisbane too


It turns out you’re right, happened in Sydney too based on these caps posted by @eddel from February 2016 (click on ‘image’ to see the image).