Seven News Content and Appearance (2015-2020)

I’ve changed my opinion, before I just saw the graphics from caps, but now just seeing the afternoon news, I actually quite like them

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The two clock types:
<img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/6/691c03e9a1357e728b560c827e54ef6db0936ef5.jpg" width=“300” height=><img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/c/cd8d70b27aaa8839ccaa07ea88b1d59ee76cc726.jpg" width=“300” height=>

Early News caps:

Morning News caps:

Afternoon News caps:


Why put other cities’ weather on the ticker?


At least Melbourne use it Perth never seen ticker used

Crime Stoppers/Police number graphic:

And updated “Have Your Say” Facebook full screen graphic:


An update on how Seven’s Morning News and Afternoon News fares against Nine in yesterday’s ratings:

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Im surprised GTV9 hasn’t launched a local Afternoon News bulletin to combat HSV7s. The local edition seems to be holding up well.


@TV.Cynic Who actually wins in Melbourne and Brisbane? I thought Nine managed to win in Melbourne despite the local version on Seven.

On Wednesday Seven won in both Melbourne and Brisbane

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Thanks mate. But not specifically, but who usually wins in the respective cities?

I don’t keep track of this every week but the most recent weeks, Seven News (at 4 and 4.30) usually beats the program called Nine’s Afternoon News in every market.


A little error tonight on Seven News Queensland with the V/O saying " Live from our Brisbane headquarters, this is Seven News with Sharyn Ghidella and Bill McDonald". The problem is McDonald has been absent all week.


Oh no. Are you serious? You shouldn’t have said anything. Here come the “Seven News is soo unprofessional comments” from nearly…everyone :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil:

Mark Ferguson is certainly slowly but surely closing the gap on Peter Overton. Seven is up whilst Nine has had a slight decline over the last few months.

See, Fergo isn’t just a handsome face, he can anchor a news bulletin and get viewers to ‘Make the Switch’

Sydney is making the switch to Seven News…so much so that Nine News Sydney actually won the ratings on two nights during the Olympics last week (the first time that a non-Olympics broadcaster has had ratings wins for the Sydney 6pm news during the Olympics, certainly at least since the inception of the OzTam ratings system) and won most nights this week!

Seven News Sydney are catching up, but it’s far too early to say that Nine News is eventually destined for #2.

Judging by the ratings of most of this week, Mark Ferguson isn’t as popular as Georgie Gardner (who had been filling in on Nine News Sydney all this week, I might add) let alone Peter Overton.

If Michael Usher can close the ratings gap or even get Seven News Sydney beating Nine News Sydney on a regular basis (as opposed to the occasional win or two, but mostly trailing behind Nine) in the ratings when he starts presenting the Friday/Saturday night bulletins in October (I think) and while filling in for Mark Ferguson over Summer, then I would probably expect to see Fergo demoted back to weekends just like he was at Nine.


Don’t forget Hot Seat has weakened against The Chase, which has obviously helped Seven News Sydney ( not enough IMO). The 6.30 figures show that the lead-in to the 6pm News does help and that Nine News Sydney usually gains in the latter half, whilst Seven drops.

[quote=“SydneyCityTV, post:2146, topic:103”]
If Michael Usher can close the ratings gap or even get Seven News Sydney beating Nine News Sydney on a regular basis… then I would probably expect to see Fergo demoted back to weekends just like he was at Nine.
[/quote] But the thing is Peter Overton, Georgie Gardner and Deborah Knight are all better anchors than Mark Ferguson, Melissa Doyle, Michael Usher, Chris Reason and the ratings reflect that.


I know it’s been said before, but Seven really need to do something about their 7pm program if they want to become a consistent #1 rating news service in markets like Sydney. Ever since Nine moved ACA to 7pm, Seven has generally been #3 in the ratings at 7pm here.

The content of Seven News Sydney could also be improved, but we all know that the current management most likely won’t do that.


Seven Early News has updated their backdrop for about the 5th time this year. Today, there is an uncanny resemblance to TENFAF national backdrop so I suspect it will be used on the Morning/Afternoon and Weekend 5pm News as of this week.


Here it is


Is this a bad mock? Please tell me its a mock!

It looks stupid.