Seven News Content and Appearance (2015-2020)

What’s with Seven’s recent obsession with angles? I mean, they don’t bad per say. It’s just that they move from arrows to angles.

I mean this image sums Seven’s on-air content quite well: (TV.Cynic’s pic)



Refined is just a word 7 doesn’t know.


7 News haven’t had any refined looking packages since the very early 2000’s.

The past 3-4 graphic packages have always felt dated upon launch.


Their 2004 package was excellent, that opener was ahead of its time and still looks ok. I also didn’t mind the 2010 look.

After that, it certainly declines!


I personally hope that Seven will return to its roots of polished graphics of 2004-2011 (with white or black replacing blue of course).

Also the news logo would be better off if they used the font of their graphics in their promos instead of that incredibly dated squashed font. Works for sports (just) but fails spectacularly for their multichannels and news.


This was probably the last time Seven News Sydney had a truly great Opener (some would say it was also the last time Seven News Sydney had a truly great presenter, although I still liked Chris Bath)?

I suppose the presentation between 2005-10 was OK (aside from those absolutely horrendous Powerpoint-style graphics tweaks made in 2006), but I haven’t really liked any branding elements Seven News has used since 2011.

Of course I’m hoping that the next era of Seven News branding will be an improvement, but the updated logo and introduction of John Stanton voiceovers (yes that was a great choice for the Ten Eyewitness News “The Team To Watch” Promos 35 years ago, but times have changed) aren’t exactly inspiring me with confidence that they’re really positioning themselves as Australia’s news service for the 2020s.


It tells me that 7NEWS is run by a group of dinosaurs who think revamped music, glossy graphics, John Stanton V/O and Mark Ferguson appeal to an audience of clearly uninterested of (what I think they are trying to aim for) younger individuals (25 - 40), I bet if they were to be confronted about their current excuse of a News Service, they’d most likely ignore the feedback given.


Probably wrong thread to be discussing this, but the question has to be asked - is there anyone at Seven actually capable of taking over as Sydney’s Sunday-Thursday newsreader?

Michael Usher is alright as a news presenter, IMO Fergo is a better newsreader than him, and I feel he is better suited to The Latest.

Seven would probably have to get someone from Nine or Ten I reckon.

Melissa Doyle.

Or beg Chris Bath to come back. I doubt they would though, they aren’t like that anymore…

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I think Mel Doyle and Michael Usher both have potential, just like Peter Overton did when he was appointed in 2009. Mark Ferguson can move somewhere else, preferrably where less viewers see his presentation style.

Content wise, I want them to drop the sensationalist and fearmongering approach with their coverage. They’ve slowly become the TV News equivalent of clickbait. Go back to just cover the news and nothing more.


Retirement. That’s where.

If the best of us were to become News Directors, 7NEWS probably wouldn’t be as bad of a News Service.

While it’s likely that younger Sydneysiders prefer Ten/ABC/SBS (if any television news at all) over either of “the big two”, I’d imagine that Nine News would rate higher in the younger demographics than Seven does.

Sadly, you’re probably right.

As I’ve said plenty of times before, Mark Ferguson isn’t a bad newsreader for roles where viewers expect the headlines and nothing more: Daytime bulletins, a rolling news channel environment, that sort of thing.

But in Sydney at 6pm, it’s the Henderson/Climpson/Roscoe/Overton style that viewers want. Serious in presentation for the important stories, but can also express a personality when bantering with presenters or reacting to lighter stories.

I agree on this point, however…

…while the “just the news and nothing more” strategy works fine for ABC News & SBS World News, along with high quality coverage of the important stories I think commercial TV news bulletins need to have some presenter banter and occasional fluff/puff pieces when appropriate.

Really, the banter between Pete & Cam along with Mike Dalton’s reports (+ the subsequent reactions from Pete to the endings of many such items) are often some of the best parts of Nine News Sydney but there’s no such equivalent on Seven or Ten these days!


Some caps of Melbourne bulletin tonight:


A member on here sent me a week Of Demo info once.

9 has the largest amount of young viewers followed by 7, 10 and ABC in that order

10 skews the youngest - that is they have the youngest median age and the largest proportion of total viewers in the under 50 group

9 and 7 have the largest absolute amount of young viewers. Abc 4th


Regarding the news graphics, there certainly seems to be a culture or management at Seven News that likes to tweak graphics. And its largely to such a minor degree each time that it would have almost no impact on the viewing experience and perception of the news service. The only time there was a major change in the past few years was the introduction of the new news theme. The experience of that “fiasco” will probably mean that no-one at the network will dare try a big change again. I appreciate that viewers don’t generally like change, but it seems these minor changes are largely a wasted effort.

I recall joking in the past about getting 50 posts on the forum if the Sunrise clock font changed; I imagine this will be the same and in the end will have zero impact on the Seven News product because no-one outside this forum will notice :slight_smile:.


I have to say, this is actually looking pretty damn good.


Makes you wonder if this happens in an attempt to justify continued employment in a particular department.


Agreed. It seems they have got rid of the hideous angle animation on the right and have started to use the docklands camera on the left side.
Looks better IMO.

Only issue is that the sport backdrop is too blue.


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