Seven Network - Programs and Schedules

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Wonder what Tasmanians will get?


Must’ve done bad after Sunday Night last night.

Broadcast encores must be doing well.


Move Me, Myself and I to 7flix now!!!


Instant Hotel has to be moved or pulled and relaunched later in the year. It cannot go on in that timeslot with those numbers.


Its streaming on Netflix now I saw yesterday lol


The new season?


Oh I would assume not then as I thought this season on Ch7 was the first season, so I was a tad confused when I saw it appear on Netflix.

Just looked again and it shows 2018 season 1.


Relaunched? As far as members of this forum have stated it only has another 3 epsiodes left. I say just leave it and let it die in that slot or pull it and tell netflix air it.


And willingly sign off on losing another 3 Monday’s while God Friended Me gathers dust. ok


Within the slides shown today for Seven West Media’s 1st half of FY 2019 results, a programming grid for Seven’s 2019 lineup appeared:

While it’s a bit messy, the first three lines of it provide a good indication on when they plan to air their major programs (eg; Bride & Prejudice + The Proposal appear to either overlap or follow one another)


You didn’t read my whole post again :wink:

I didn’t say they shouldn’t just remove it. Just that relaunching doesn’t sound like an option.


What should Seven air on Tuesday nights after the current season of The Good Doctor finishes? The Passage is ready to go or Seven can bring back God Friended Me, but I think neither will be as popular as the medical drama.


Saw a promo for the movie “2012” Saturday 7pm on Ch 7 in Melbourne, so AFLW must’ve been shifted to 7mate nationally due to the poor ratings


The week before was shifted from 7mate to 7, so the aflw being on 7mate isn’t a move.



Also interesting and slightly off topic, that The Day After Tomorrow shown last week is also from 2012 disaster epic director Roland Emmerich, Seven keeping a theme here (the movies are un-related)


God Friended Me would be the best bet against a MAFS-fuelled Travel Guides. I wouldn’t advise them to launch anything new until MAFS ends.


Given that MAFS is not on Thursdays, I wonder why MKR is not on Thursdays?


Because they have a million Home and Away episodes to catch up on.


Because Seven likes to stretch MKR as long as possible.


They could always add more episodes and run MKR on Thursdays.