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As if it’s not long enough.


Of course. I wouldn’t do it personally but knowing how Seven loves stretching their realities I’m kind of surprised they haven’t gone down that path yet.

Personally I would schedule the show to run 3 times a week and make the episodes short and sweet rather than drawing this out. But obviously Seven begs to differ.


I think Home and Away is becoming a bit of a burden for 7. I would hate to see it move to 7two but I think its going to come soon.


News needs to go down to 30 minutes (and might save the quality) and Home and Away could be trialed at 6:30.

I’d hate to see the show die but they need to do something soon.


So you think 7 should give away its second highest figures for the night, a timeslot they often win, for Home and Away? Right… That would make sense.

Personally. I am thinking it should air at 5:30. Would that still meet quota?


But then you risk losing the momentum The Chase Australia gives to the news.

There’s probably no other option left other than to shaft the show to 7TWO.


Maybe. But I could still see it doing around 500-600k in that slot. Its audience has always been quite old or young anyway, an audience that is around in that slot. Plus they could keep the game show and just air 4:30-5:30.


I’d imagine they’re saving episodes for the weeks after MAFS has finished. Doesn’t it have a much shorter season? Once it’s over MKR may pick up a bit a few viewers. The ones who are enjoying the drama of MAFS…


A quick look at my EPG has AFL X on main channel, Hidden Figures FTA movie premiere on 7Two, Women’s ODI on 7mate and the usual movies on 7flix and cooking shows on 7Food.

What are other markets like, I’m guessing cricket on 7Two (which would be a first I think)?


I posted this last week.

Sydney, Brisbane and Perth: BH&G and Hidden Figures on main channel, AFLX on 7mate, women’s cricket on 7TWO
Melbourne and Adelaide: AFLX on main channel, BH&G and Hidden Figures on 7TWO, women’s cricket on 7mate


Johnson’s onto it!


I am thinking AFLX will undergo a format change again or be scrapped altogether as I was supposed to work tonight at Marvel Stadium and had my shift cancelled due to poor ticket sales. Originally tickets were $25, after not selling as well as they would like the AFL then dropped some tickets to $15. Looks like there is no interest in the event.

Wonder what the ratings will be like tonight?


I got mine for free. Tickettek sent complimentary tickets.


Even worse.


It’s aftually not too bad a crowd. Not fantastic but I would say it’s the same as last years. And probably a better atmosphere.


It was free for any 2019 AFL club members.


They gave away a lot of free tickets.



Sunday 24 February 2019
5:30pm The Great Weekend

Jane Bunn, Brian Taylor, Jack Riewoldt and Brooke Hogan hit the road to discover the best things to see, eat and do across Victoria, to help make your weekend a ‘great weekend’.

Seven Melbourne

Jack Riewoldt mentioned a bit about The Great Weekend after last night’s AFLX tournament, footage of him and Brian Taylor chatting in a pub across the road from Punt Road Oval (Richmond’s training headquarters) also shown.


I know Ross said on radio they wanted to focus on their long-time top-rating breakfast show, but I can’t help wondering if Nine now owning 3AW had something to do with it RE: A Moveable Feast going from Seven.

It’d be funny if it was resurrected on Nine at some stage!