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Live streaming on 7plus has been the case for me.

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100%. This show will never work without him on it. He’s what made the show. The clips on YouTube are so damn bingeworthy.


As much as I find the US version way too scripted I have to admit I have fallen into the Kitchen Nightmares US wormhole of videos a few times.


The local version is not expected to have Gordon Ramsay fronting it, despite him being the face of the series in the UK and USA.

Well they can forget it then. No Gordon = No ratings.

Everyone knows he’s the ratings drawcard rather than the show. Someone like Marco Pierre White or Colin Fassnidge isn’t going to cut it.


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Seven’s schedule above has been updated with the latest info. Thursday line-up still TBC.

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Caught an extended promo this morning, with two V/O, saying ‘spectacular Sunday’ or something. With Dancing launch, Ice Skating gala and the Closing Ceremony.


Thursday double episode of Showtrial now confirmed.

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Going to go out on a limb and say last week (and probably this week thanks to Friday and Saturday shares again) will be Seven’s only ratings highlights for quite some time, maybe until the AFL or even Married finishes. Just looking at how Married and Nine in general have been going in the evenings vs Winter Olympics and the factors that have been keeping Seven afloat.

As others have mentioned, Dancing skews old and launch last year did well probably because it was first time back to Seven and with Daryl plus had Anzac Day AFL lead-in. Hard to see total people going much higher than 600-700k metro.
And SAS won’t be any match for Married, 600k metro would be a miracle.
And their 9pm shows will flop, save for Front Bar in Melbourne.
Might need to rely heavily on multi-channels, weekends and AFL to help them.

The Voice after Married will probably be what they’re aiming to go huge for, but no Olympics direct lead-in this time and what about Farmer?


Crime Investigation Australia: Most Infamous - Season 4

From Sunday 27 February 8:45PM The show will move into the post reality time slot on Sunday nights.

Episode 1 : In March, 1993, Leonard Leabeater, Robert Steele and Raymond Bassett went on a brutal murder rampage, killing five people and taking children as hostages across two states. The gang had been on the run from South Australia where Leabeater had been accused of indecently assaulting two girls.


Looking at his Instagram, Marco Pierre White is in Australia so I wonder if he might be involved in ‘Kitchen Nightmares’.

That would be a great pick up to host. I just wonder if they would have this quick a turn around for filming considering they only made the call for participants a few weeks ago. He is probably here for MasterChef.

Week commencing 27 February 2022

Sunday 27 February
07:00 PM Dancing With The Stars: All Stars S17 E02
08:45 PM Crime Investigation Australia The Cangai Siege S04 E01
10:15 PM Born To Kill? Ted Bundy S04 E01
11:15 PM Death Row: Countdown To Execution Series Premiere

Monday 28 February
07:00 PM Home And Away
07:30 PM SAS Australia S04 E04
09:00 PM The Amazing Race S33 E03
10:00 PM The Amazing Race S33 E04
11:00 PM The Latest: Seven News
11:30 PM The Resident Season 5 Premiere

Tuesday 1 March
07:00 PM Home And Away
07:30 PM SAS Australia S04 E05
09:00 PM The Rookie S04 E03
10:00 PM The Rookie S04 E04
11:00 PM The Latest: Seven News
11:30 PM Magnum Force Rpt

Wednesday 2 March
07:00 PM Home And Away
07:30 PM TBA
08:30 PM The Front Bar All Sports
09:30 PM Ambulance: Code Red S01 E10 Season 1 Final
10:30 PM The Latest: Seven News
11:00 PM Showtrial Rpt
12:00 AM Showtrial Rpt

Thursday 3 March
07:00 PM Home And Away
07:30 PM Home And Away
08:00 PM Home And Away
08:30 PM Showtrial S01 E03
09:50 PM Showtrial S01 E04
11:10 PM The Latest: Seven News
11:40 PM SAS Australia Rpt

Friday 4 March
07:00 PM Better Homes & Gardens
08:30 PM Movie: Dunkirk (2017)
10:40 PM Paralympic Winter Games Beijing 2022

Saturday 5 March
07:00 PM Border Security: Australia’s Front Line S15 E14
07:30 PM Movie: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984)
10:00 PM Movie: The Fugitive (1993)

Updated 2/3/22

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My guess for the Wednesday 7:30 TBA is Police Strike Force.


It’s a 2-part documentary which debuted on ITV in June 2019. In the show, Good Morning Britain host Susanna Reid will meet two men who are just days away from being executed for their crimes.


So 9 Late News is scheduled an hour earlier than The Latest on both Mondays and Tuesdays for a while. It will be interesting to see how the ratings compare. And whether 7’s 10pm shows beat 9.

Some nerves around a number of those 9pm timeslots, I’m sure, will be interesting to see how long, if, that last.

It looks like first run Border is now a fixture on Saturday nights, unless it’s needed during the year to fill gaps elsewhere. I take it this was filmed around 2019 before pandemic? I also think it’s to try and keep as many Seven News viewers as possible for 30min against the success of Nine’s A Current Affair. It also then provides the 7:30pm start with a level playing field, as well as being able to show “M” rating.

I think we’ll only see movies start at 7pm there now once in a blue moon, as per 2020 and 2021, if it is very long (+3 hrs as not to disrupt/waste a later timeslot) or over summer (as we saw on multiple Saturdays), as well as during some split scheduling.

And according to guides, Saturday week’s “Temple of Doom” is indeed rated “M”, suggesting this Saturday’s “Raiders” with “PG” is a mistake (they have aired that as M previously). That also suggests they were originally planning a 7pm start but changed.

Just a reminder that Matt Shirvington’s first time as host of Sydney Weekender is now airing in Sydney.


Confirmed via updated promo tonight shown during The Amazing Race.