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Seven has today confirmed the date for their 2021 program plans. The virtual upfront event is to be held on Wednesday, 21st October 2020.


Hopefully Seven can come up with some more innovative formats for next year along with what we know already. They know they need some success for publicity and financial purposes.

This year has been slightly better than the disaster of last year but there’s still a long way back to No.1.


Next year could mark the start of post-MKR era. The question will be which show will anchor the 7.30pm timeslot in February-March 2021.
Another big unknown is if Seven will have any cricket to show next year, pending its talks with Cricket Australia.
Seven will be hoping the rescheduled Tokyo Olympics will go ahead and generate huge ratings for the network in August.


I’d put money on that show being Holey Moley.


I wouldn’t. I think Big Brother will anchor the start of the year


I think Seven would be looking for a point of difference and something new and exciting to go up against MAFS. Two shows that essential revolve around personal relationships is just going to split the audience.


Holey Moley will surely be a short run event series like Lego or Ninja, I don’t see how it could be stripped.


That’s my bet too. Big Brother will replace MKR. Recording in October for a February start date makes sense.

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My predictions/hopes for the 7:30pm slot:

February: Big Brother
March: Big Brother
April: Holey Moley
May: The Voice
June: The Voice
July: The Voice/Olympics
August: Olympics/Farmer Wants a Wife
September: Farmer Wants a Wife/Australia’s Got Talent
October: Australia’s Got Talent
November: Ultimate Tag

IMO the schedule is pretty weak and Seven need a trademark show (not dead products such as MKR and House Rules) to help boost the schedule.


What show would you consider trademark?

For all we could know Holey Moley could be that so called trademark.


Big name brands that have been around for a while, and the only two for Seven are MKR and House Rules which are both pretty much dead now. I would’ve liked to have seen Seven do an X Factor revival but that’s highly unlikely now because of The Voice.

You are probably right but I am sure I’ve seen an article where 7 has hinted at airing Big Brother at the beginning of the year. And we aren’t even sure Married will launch the year for 9. Reports from 9 suggest they are still working out how they are doing the weddings. So this could be pushed back a bit, which might be why they have begun filming Lego masters earlier and are also beginning filming on celebrity apprentice.


There are several issues Seven needs to address. However, the main one is how the network since 2016 seems to run out of steam once they get to August/September.

Obviously Coronavirus has impacted them significantly this year by not being able to air programs like Australia’s Got Talent & Holey Moley. However, it doesn’t change the fact that while Nine & 10 appear to be in decent/good shape for the rest of the year, Seven’s cupboard (excluding sport) is already pretty bare


Which is why it’s kind of encouraging to see that Seven is picking up a number of different formats for next year as well (The Voice, Ultimate Tag, Holey Moley) as renewing small successes they’ve had this year (Farmer wants a Wife, Big Brother, Australia’s Got Talent). Here’s hoping they pick up more new formats for next year (I hear there’s a domino challenge type show that could do well over here).

If SAS and Beat the Chasers rates well I think Seven should renew both of them for next year. I’d also add something inoffensive like Come Dine with Me at the end of the year. That should keep them comfortable at 7.30 next year. Just please no more stupid dating shows like The Proposal/Super Switch (with the exception of Farmer wants a Wife) or any more lame cooking shows like Plate of Origin/Zumbo.

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The Australian is reporting Holey Moley will indeed be going up against MAFS at the start of next year. “Early buzz is strong”. Expect to be bombarded with promos for the show across summer on Seven.


Good move by Seven IMO. They need a good new format to start the year off.

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It has been generating a lot of buzz and is different to what 10 and 9 are offering. I think this is a much better idea than Big Brother. I have heard people report that they are really happy with the dynamics and the hosts.

The show only has 16 episodes right?

So do we think they’ll probably only air it two nights a week (Sunday and Monday OR Monday and Tuesday) so it lasts throughout February and March?

From that TV Tonight article:
will we hear more on an unnamed dating show in which ‘celebrities will match make sexy singles’

Sounds like The Love Game is getting a reboot. I wonder if Mark Holden will host.

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