Seven Network 2019

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Can’t even use a hashtag consistently (#AllFronts or #7AllFronts). What hope have they got?


Damn, I thought Seven News wasn’t returning in 2019 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It’s unusual for Seven to release its 2019 line-up before the upfronts presentation. Other networks reveal their new lineups gradually to keep advertisers and media writers in suspense.


Why do seven call it allfronts?


Not surprised Wanted appears to have been axed.

The drama investment is welcome and the projects sound good. I don’t trust Seven to deliver all of them in 2019 though, given we have previously been promised Warnie and Australian Gangster was also due this year. Factors change and affect delivery but I take their entire announcement with a grain of salt.

Very disappointed they’re staying with the reality romance genre and not branching out. Wife Swap may work. The momentum is with Nine.


Lots of romance/dating shows there. Very underwhelming. Pity seven cant be brave and try a new genre. Simply getting their own version of married is very blah to me.




They’re taking big risks with expensive drama so I don’t think the entire strategy is risk averse. But the stripped capability appears to be over reliant on reality romance that has previously failed.


Nine released their upfront information ahead of the presentation; it had an embargo time.


Seems that Nine has been forced to give up the rights to Tour Down Under due to its Australian Open tennis commitments. Nine’s logo has disappeared from the partners section of TDU website. It will be the second time TDU is on Seven.
So there is a second season of Australian Spartan after all. IIRC two seasons were filmed near Brisbane Airport late last year, so viewers will have to wait another 12 months to see season 2.
And here is a synopsis of Martin Clunes’ Islands of America:


So frustrating Seven aren’t live streaming this.


Spot the error in this image from the upfronts :slight_smile:



He isn’t dominating Sydney news ratings?


Is INSIDE ‘THE G’ a weekly series? Sounds terribly boring.


The All Front looks like a train wreck. They’ve got the Chief Revenue Officer speaking in front of a giant image of himself? Newflash - you aren’t the story, it’s the words coming out of your mouth you should be visualising.


I think Inside the 'G is a one-off documentary. I am looking forward to this.


Whole house reveals will be the best yet when Jamie Durie joins judges Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen and Wendy Moore and host Johanna Griggs for the new season of HOUSE RULES. With massive challenges and a surprise transformation of warehouse proportions, the competition is tougher than ever but every team ends up with the ultimate reward – a complete transformation of their own home.


Inside the ‘G. Another factual?


THE STAR of the Seven Network is Mark Ferguson!


Also, Seven seems to provide limited information on its sporting coverage for 2019. Regaining Tour Down Under is good news but it partially compensates for the loss of Australian Open tennis. What about other major sporting events in 2019 that do not yet have a FTA broadcaster - Rugby World Cup in Japan? Presidents Cup golf? The FINA World Championships in Aquatics in South Korea? (whichever network gets the FINA World Championships needs to show diving and synchronised swimming events too, Seven and Nine have ignored them in previous champs)