Seven Network 2019

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Think it’s fairer to say they were outbidded for both by Nine (who really wanted the Aus Open due to the demographics it pulls) and Ten (who recklessly overpaid for the Melbourne Cup)

I doubt next time around that a single network will have exclusive FTA rights to either AFL or NRL. Think for both, two networks will share the rights


Maybe Seven and Ten with the AFL, Nine and Ten with the NRL (dreaming of course, but anyway).

Sure, but that’s at least one exclusive marquee event which Ten will have rather than zero (that is, unless they include the other races which Seven once upon a time had as well).


Knowing that they’ve been making cutbacks in the way of moving to a combined playout centre and possibly also in news & current affairs (plenty of longtime presenters/reporters have left Seven in recent years, particularly in the East Coast markets) among other things, I actually get the impression that Seven currently might be in the least healthiest financial position of all three commercial networks regardless of ratings.

Because so much money will be going towards the expensive AFL, Cricket Australia and Olympics broadcast deals I reckon there’s going to be quite a few cheap reality/factual programs in Seven’s primetime lineup for 2019 with very few if any investments in drama or comedy.

The current branding & On-Air Presentation will also likely continue for another year or so IMO.

Sorry to go off topic a bit, but I agree. One can definitely see a situation where two networks share the AFL & NRL to offset the costs, perhaps Thursday/Saturday and Friday/Sunday packages or something?

The larger events could also be on different networks each year…to use a couple of theoretical examples:

*AFL Finals Series on Seven with the Brownlow Medal/International Rules/EJ Whitten Legends Match on Ten one year and visa versa the next.
*NRL, Finals Series on Nine with the State of Origin on Ten one year and visa versa the next.

Mightn’t be those examples specifically but you get the general idea. Either way such a scenario would likely benefit viewers and the continuing evolution of sports coverage on Australian TV.


I am not a sports person and forgive me for insulting the sports fans but these broadcast rights are insane! These sports organisations are like parasite!!. I recall someone mentioned that networks don’t make money out of these rights. Probably just a platform to promote their schedule. Having said that, Seven has done a dismal job in launching its new shows since the beginning of the year when the Winter Olympics and Commonwealth Games started.


According to TV Tonight, Seven’s 2019 upfronts will be held in Sydney on October 26.


I wonder if 7plus will add more First Run US Content as Exclusives???


Such as The Goldbergs?


And a few more.


Would love to see It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia all seasons to watch not available anywhere except at midnight a few weeks a year or on catchup for a week I think on 7 Plus when it has aired.


Yeah, only seems to be available on demand for $$$ per season.


Agree, ever heard of American Housewife?



7 , 9 need to in the next year or two , put more exclusives online , but not too much . I dunno… not too much that it erodes their free to air audience though. Then what happens to the multichannels… 7 Flix could be just online only on demand content on 7Plus.

With Ten All Access coming 7 needs to do something . I don’t know what became of that article I found months ago about 7 supposedly was going to charge for HD and more deals and content on 7Plus.


The Australian is reporting that Seven has purchased a warehouse in suburban Sydney, at 12-14 Victoria St, Beaconsfield. The paper is claiming that Seven will use it for a reality show such as Better Homes or House Rules, but I’m wondering if Seven has another program on the horizon? :thinking:

House Rules

The Renovators


Oh really?
Did they steal it off Ten?


Last season on House Rules, they bought a house in that area, pulled it down and built a new house for the teams to renovate. They sold it and the profit was the prize money. Could they be doing that again with a warehouse becoming a residential property this time?


It was a joke :joy:


I think maybe Seven should buy the broadcast rights for Big Brother. Surely it won’t rate as bad as all their recent flops. Having said that, it may be too expensive for Seven since they seem to be going ‘cheap’ with their programming, in particular in the second half of the year. By ‘cheap’, I mean $$$$$$.


Thanks for explaining what cheap means.


Acquiring international formats like All Together Now or Take Me Out wouldn’t be “cheap”.

Have you seen the sets for both of those shows? I’d be pretty confident that neither of them were done on a budget.

Whether we needed either format or the production values is another story.