Seven Cricket Coverage


When Tim Lane was revealed as a member of Seven’s commentary team in mid 2018, he said he would not call every test. I guess he is now taking a well deserved break before the start of the AFL season.


I thought (a bit like Bruce McAvaney) Tim Lane was only doing the main Tests, finishing with Sydney? Though he did the (barely 3 day) Brisbane one.


Just saw the crowd on tonight’s game. Really low numbers in Melbourne tonight. I think it’s becoming clear that the season has been way too long and drawn out.


I can’t believe it’s still going. CA thought it was more popular than it was and dragged it out. You want people wanting more, not less.

Four weeks max.


One Tasmanian replacing another Tasmanian. Tim Lane a Launceston boy and Alister from Penguin on the north west coast. Good to see how his career is going, he certainly took on a lot more at the ABC when Gerard Whateley left, I wonder if he’s going to jump ship to the commercial world at some point too. Well, more than he is. He may have been at WIN Television in the late 90’s/early 200’s though, I can’t quite remember.


Crowd was really small at the SCG last night. Clearly CA killed the goose that laid the golden egg


Where are these matches on FTA?


Nope… exclusive to fox. People have gone back to work and school and have totally forgotten about the bbl… well done CA, seven and fox. They’re all to blame.


The whole thing is so confusing. Too many games and too many Pay-TV exclusives.


What was the highest prime time share Seven got in summer from BBL, Perth Test or Day Night Test? Did they ever get 35 or 40%?

Nine managed to pull about five 40%+ nights and won every night in network and main channel share, with tennis…


Nine had 4 nights over 40% and Seven won last Friday main channel and network when the cricket outrated the tennis.


Changes I would make:

Maybe length isn’t an issue but when the season starts and finishes. It started in Mid December (Dec 17) Why not move the season to run from Dec 1 (or Last week in Nov) till Feb 1.

Also teams need bigger salary caps to entice a 3rd international player to bolster the player stocks in each team.

I also feel with international players teams need to work harder in getting players who will play for whole season.

Look at scheduling - focus games around weekends ( I would have 1* fri night, 1 * Sat arvo, 1 * Sat night, 1 * Sun arvo and 1 * Sun Night). Also develop a clear round structure.


I just did a survey from Cricket Australia they sent me after I attended a BBL match recently and one of the questions was along of the lines of - Do you think Channel 7’s coverage is less exciting than Channel 10’s last year.

I’d be interested to see if Cricket Australia put 7 on notice and share this feedback from the survey with them.

Between 7 and Fox, the BBL coverage has lost it’s edge. As has already been mentioned it didn’t help that the best people from Channel 10’s coverage were split between 7 and Fox and broke the band up per say.


Fatigue has set in this year. People like T20 because it’s short and sharp. The comp has been anything but. Two months is too long.

Australia, South Africa, the West Indies, England, New Zealand, South Africa, Pakistan and India have all played at times during the BBL.

If you’re getting international players for the entirety of the tournament, they’re most likely washed up…

The strength - until now - of BBL has been the reliability of it. 1 game a night at least. Flick on the telly at 7:10 and there’s cricket on. This would ruin that considerably.


It’s taken until game 34 that 7 have covered but tonight is the first time Ponting and Hodge have worked together for the BBL.


I still find the 7 coverage much more exciting than the Fox coverage.

For me this is exactly the reason, both teams have lost good people and have had to add in mediocre ones.

That was until The Project started for the year and then the game start times were all delayed and the period over Christmas felt like the longest time ever when there were no games on.


Day 4 of the Second Test Australia v Sri Lanka is scheduled for Seven on Monday, relegating one of the biggest sporting events on the planet -Superbowl LIII - to a SD-only broadcast on 7mate.


Although if we’re being realistic here, which one is more likely to be of more relevance/interest to Australians? I’d say the cricket.


Yeah, you’re right. One of the biggest sporting events on the planet - Bathurst 12 hour race - is being relegated to a SD only broadcast on 7mate.


Yeah, I think that actually was one of the improvements this year was the standardised start time at night due to the change in broadcasters.