Seven Cricket Coverage


Or Nine and 10 :joy:

Though he does make some reasonable points.


I wish. I’m just a cricket lover and when I’m somewhere where I have to endure Seven’s coverage (work mostly) it makes me even more grateful when I get home and switch to 444.


Michael Slater is back on the BBL tonight after being absent for a long time on Seven’s cricket coverage.


Good that they’ve put him back on when it’s the Australian Open Final, so that no one will be subjected to him.


Tonight’s BBL match is being simulcast on Seven and 7mate in Melbourne due to early end to the Gabba test. Not sure if it is for the first innings only or the whole match.


Why oh why though do they have to put Ponting up with two of the worst commentators in cricket? Nannes is average to say the least and pair him up with Slater and it makes your ears bleed.

Ponting is great but it feels like he’s been overshadowed by the other two.


They simulcast the cycling on 7/7Two today after 1pm, so wouldn’t surprise me either way.


Food for thought.


Seven and 7mate ended up simulcasting the whole match, so 7mate’s audience share will drop when the ratings are posted in the morning.


Why didn’t they just air a movie on 7mate?


I daresay Seven only decided to simulcast tonight’s BBL on 7mate in an attempt to get increased ratings for the cricket against the Australian Open Mens Final on Nine.

Will it work for them in the ratings? Probably not, although we’ll only know for sure tomorrow morning.


If people had recordings scheduled for the game on 7mate they’d be pissed and complaining if it wasn’t on and they couldn’t readjust them.


One factor that would’ve worked in Nine’s favour is that there was no International cricket up against the Aus Open final (there should have been, but it ended Saturday afternoon to Seven’s dismay).

Last year and over the years many times there has been, affecting Seven’s shares during the Aus Open final. In 2017 (Federer vs Nadal) however there wasn’t, giving them a 50% main channel share alone. Although that match was thrilling and lasted longer, so there won’t be 2.7m metro tomorrow!


Don’t think so - they did the same thing with a WBBL clash a few weeks ago that was meant to air on 7mate but ended up also being shown on 7 due to a rain delay in the Sydney test


no it was due to the game finishing and I am pretty sure it was the Perth test


Even though the Gabba test finished on Saturday, the EPG on my Fetch PVR was still showing Test Cricket when BBL was on last night.


14 games in a season is way too much during the summer holidays and therefore, it drags out into the start of the school year. What I am saying is that many kids across NSW, VIC and QLD will start school during this week. The Scorchers v Renegades game at Optus Stadium will be on Channel 7mate in all markets and the crowd numbers are going to be down.


It’s officially a bomb.


It’s behind a paywall. What’s the gist of the article?


Basically it’s about BBL falling from the great heights from the time it was on 10 to all time lows, as you would agree. Fox and Seven have killed the game.