Seven Cricket Coverage


yes but in 2020, the mens world cup will be on in that time which I think will hurt the WBBL


Nice touch having Luke Hodge join Flem for afternoon tea… good opportunity with Seven having the rights to both sports… and provides a bit of cross-promotion.


And he’s easy to watch :wink:


So there is only 10 minutes of preview for the WBBL Final today. Being a Grand Final, I would have expected a longer preview.


I wonder if C7 will shift the BBL game Stars v Heat tomorrow night to the main channel if the game is over tonight


Seven’s test play by play commentary is actually pretty good when Brayshaw isn’t on. It’s at par or maybe a bit better than Fox.

They just need to get access to the flying camera, better graphics, an orchestral theme and drop Brayshaw and McLaughlin.


All of this 100%


And Slater looks like he has disappeared already from seven. Anyone know what’s happened?

100% with all you said, we all knew who was bad for their coverage before it started and is anyone surprised that Mel is still on that list?


You would think they’ll do that - it’ll do better against the AO men’s final than whatever filler programming they could air instead


you are fake news. :slight_smile:

Fox is superior to Seven’s coverage in every single aspect. Alison Mitchell is enough to put you to sleep.


The Test finished at 6.03pm, Melbourne and Sydney viewers went to News at 6.04


Australia won by an innings and 40 runs at the Gabba. Sunday and Monday there’s will Be alternate scheuking.


Yes I wonder what has happened to Slats


Prefer Mitchell over Warne, Howard and M Waugh any day.


Here we go…more talk about Fox is great and Seven is shit. The fact remains that Fox has a better team because they have more money. If it was the other way round then Seven would undoubtedly have the better team.


prove it. Kerry Stokes is Australia’s richest man. If he wanted to spend the money to make 7 superior, he would have. Their coverage is sub-par and a dog’s breakfast.


Isa Guha shits all over Mitchell - she alone makes Fox the winner.


To me - Fox seems to be what Nine was to cricket commentary, and Seven is doing everything not to be Nine? Does that make sense to people?


At least we should be thankful that Seven/Fox didn’t sign up the full suite of boys club from Nine (TBF, there’s still Slater on Seven and Healy on Fox). That would seriously be worse than their current underwhelming teams.


How much are you getting paid by Fox to say this?