Seven Cricket Coverage


I’m not saying it won’t happen, I’m saying you suggesting is the first I’ve heard of it and when I asked you said it was in the fixture (which I know isn’t the case). CA website still says TBC. Like I said, not like CA haven’t bowed to TV broadcasters before in regard to the final, personally I couldn’t care less about a battle between two absolute dross shows.


It’s obvious that the BBL is taking a dip, but numbers may pick up next week after the Tennis. Let’s see how things pan out when the season finishes in February.


Interesting that the BBL is down across both seven and fox combined compared to ten. Clearly the simulcast has not worked. There’s no buzz about the competition and it’s dragging on and on. Cricket Australia have killed it. And the coverage has been sub par in terms of quality.


I don’t mind 7’s coverage, of course prefer some (Ponting, Tufnell- who has unfortunately finished his BBL stint apparently) to others (Fleming, Hodge, Nannes). Think the reliance on Maher and Richardson as PBP comms as opposed to Brayshaw and Slater (where has he gone?) hurts the product. Thing is, they’re no different to Howard hosting previously for 10.
Agree it’s lost some of its’ lustre, maybe a reconfiguration of the fixture towards more weekends or maybe the carnival type set up the WBBL have could help, or upping the allowed imports to 3? The amount of players I’ve seen this year and thought to myself “who is that?” is much larger than previous years.


Just like the absence of “live” on the tennis… never sure, especially with daylight saving


If the final does start at 2:45pm AEDT, wouldn’t Seven just do what Ten/One did last year and have an extended post-game on 7mate to cover the presentation & celebrations?


I think the competition starts too late and is too long. I think it should start in December and finish before the Australian Open. They should just air more triple and double headers. The Big Bash has never done as well during the Australian Open. I also think some of the games this year have been a tad boring and less international talent has been showcased. Even some of the UK stars they got in didn’t really fire.


Wonder how the BBL rated against last nights tennis? When I switched over it was a doubles match which traditionally don’t seem to rate that well.


One of the problems the BBL has with their scheduling is since it starts in mid-December, a lot of the international players can only play for a few weeks before they depart for international commitments (you see this particularly with the English players).

If the competition started earlier (like you suggested), they could play more games for their teams


Minor test graphics change to the score bar- looks like the batsmen and bowler’s name are in the colours of their country.


they always has been


So it was, apologies! I’ve canceled Kayo so refamiliarising myself with Seven’s coverage.


Also @turdall @Jeffmister New Years Eve and New Years Day should be double headers along with Saturday and Sunday when no international cricket is played,


Women’s Big Bash League Final - Sydney Sixers v Brisbane Heat
TV Broadcast times:
Sydney 10am LIVE on Channel 7
Melbourne 10am LIVE on Channel 7
Brisbane 9am LIVE on 7mate, 10am LIVE on Channel 7
Adelaide 9.30am LIVE on 7mate, 10am LIVE on Channel 7
Perth 7am LIVE on 7mate


A bit of a disappointing time by CA.


I don’t like the channel flipping, stick it to one channel and that’s it. Fine for the post analysis and the wrap up but not while the action is on.


Would be to avoid a clash with the test match


Better than the days before multi channels where you would miss part of the game due to the news


I guessed as much. However, still not a fan of the time slot and it deserves better.


The next WBBL season will be standalone season in October-November 2019, which should mean the final will be held in mid afternoon or primetime.