Seven Cricket Coverage


Absolutely - getting the best deal possible monetary wise vs ensuring maximum exposure is the delicate balancing act all sports organisations try to juggle when negotiating rights agreements


Does anyone know who the lead commentator on the Stars vs Strikers game is?


Is that Alistair Nicholson from ABC Radio?


Someone told me on another forum that it’s Alister Nicholson from ABC Radio.
I quite like him actually, certainly a better caller than Andy Maher.


Yep Alister


Very unusual, Alister calling a cricket match for Seven.
I don’t understand why the Stars v Strikers game has to start so late (3pm local time). Stars’ innings finished just before 4.30pm followed by a 20 minute break. Unless the Strikers are bowled out cheaply or score very quickly to win, the match will finish way past 6pm, forcing viewers to switch to 7mate for the conclusion.


It’s a 15 min break as per the playing conditions but I get the point. Although, the game is supposed to go no longer than 175 mins…
I’d be starting at 2.45pm. Hate the AFL 3.20/NRL 4.10 starts too.


I disagree I think CA fucked everyone to get what they wanted. And that just helped fox get in the door.


This is how cricket Australia turned from bad to shithouse for this terrible broadcast rights deal. A laughing stock for the Seven Network


I agree. Seven is getting a lot of heat yet I don’t think it’s their fault, they were lured to the rights deal after losing the tennis and Fox had to find a way out of not breaching the law.


Well it’s Seven’s decision to do a shit job at it.


That I also agree with. I was referring to the fact that Seven is being criticized for signing this deal, even though they’re only a puppet in the CA-Fox comedy show of Cricket rights. It’s not like they dictated the terms of what they want or what they will get, they only got that much because of Fox and CA’s greediness.

Ultimately, a network cannot dictate the terms of their deals, only the organisation (in this case, Fox was involved beforehand so this case is extremely corrupt), which was Cricket Australia who managed to do the world’s greatest f**k up.


What’s with all the unrelated video bits?
Don’t see how that has anything to do with 7’s cricket coverage.


Why is it even on today when it’s a weekday and not a public holiday?


Definite Z Grade team today. Not sure who thought Nicholson with Nannes was a good idea.


As I predicted, the Stars-Strikers match finished at 6.11pm AEDT when Dwayne Bravo claimed the final wicket, helping the Stars winning by 44 runs. In NSW, ACT, VIC and TAS, coverage moved to 7mate at 6pm to make way for the news. Had this match started at 2.45pm it would have finished just before 6pm news in these regions.
The BBL final on February 17 is scheduled to start at 2.45pm AEDT. If both teams bat through their 20 overs, it will leave very little time for post-match presentation on the main channel before the 6pm news in Sydney and Melbourne.

It’s still school holiday in Victoria and it was organised so local parents could take their kids to the game.


I’ve seen TBC and I’ve seen 7.15pm EDST, haven’t seen 2.45pm.


When the 2018/19 fixture came out last year I saw the final was scheduled for 2.45pm.



It’s odd because when I saw it all 3 finals were TBC, which is why I found your 2.45pm suggestion interesting. Wouldn’t surprise me though given how CA has allowed TV to dictate the start time of numerous BBL/WBBL finals previously.|08
This suggests it’s TBC still.


I think the original intention of a 2.45pm final is to provide a huge lead-in to Seven’s Sunday night line-up, namely the battle between My Kitchen Rules and Married at First Sight at 7pm.