Seven Cricket Coverage


Just notice that from tomorrow (January 1) for at least one week, BBL coverage will commence in South Australia at the odd time of 6.45pm when play is scheduled to start, omitting the bat flip and team line-ups. Is 15 minutes of news and weather more important than a pre-game show?




Seven News Adelaide weather presenter, Amelia Mulcahy is a reporter for the WBBL game. Let’s see if she will join the BBL coverage tonight.


It’s been that way since last Thursday, the only time they seem to start the BBL coverage at 6.30pm is when the Adelaide Strikers are playing, 6.45pm for the other games.


Amelia had a small part of tonight’s BBL coverage so far. She hosted the bat flip, interviewed Strikers batsman Jos Buttler and introduced the latest P&O Cricket Legend.



i have no idea what he is on about


This afternoon’s Heat v Sixers match on the Gold Coast is scheduled to start at 3pm AEDT and finish at 6pm AEDT just before Seven News. Will the match stay on main channel in Sydney and Melbourne at 6pm if the second innings goes overtime and a close finish is expected? It should start at 2.45pm AEDT to allow for some leeway.


I imagine they’ll follow the same procedure as they do for AFL on Sundays.


Do we know who’s commentating the big melb derby tonight? I imagine/hope ch7 will bring out their big bash A team Ricky & Flem and Fox will have Gilly, Waugh & Howie. All quite likely considering neither are commentating this afternoon’s game.


Seems like a good crowd on the Gold Coast.


I’d guess JB, Ponting, Fleming, Gelmi.
As for that being the A team I’m not so sure, Fleming isn’t overly bright.

Edit: scratch Gelmi, it’s Scoop.
Edit x2: there’s pretty much only one way to make it worse than JB, and they’ve found that way by using Nannes.


Does anyone else find Brad Hodge a bore? Having him and Andy Maher is a pretty bland decision.


Yes but I feel he’s improving slowly. See if it continues.


Just as I thought, the Heat-Sixers match went overtime with the Sixers managing to win the game in the final over. Coverage finished on main channel in Sydney and Melbourne on 6.03pm AEDT.


Seven’s commentary team is Fleming, Ponting and Dirk Nannes with Sam McClure as host.


McClure also hosting?


And FOX’s commentary team are Gilly, Boof & Warnie.


Yes, he’s shit at that too.


For some reason I thought JB was doing tonight