Seven Cricket Coverage


Isn’t he the horse racing guy?


Yes he is. He also hosted Seven’s Wimbledon coverage this year I believe.


And in 1993 he won the Stawell Gift.

Back when regional television produced coverage of local sports events. In this case VicTV, whilst the ABC did a national coverage.


Hosted their Stawell Gift coverage this year.
Bit of a Jack of all trades for 7, has pretty good. Not sure he’s the greatest cricket caller ever but there’s worse going round.


Former England spinner Phil Tufnell joining Seven’s commentary team for the first time today, for the BBL clash between the Sydney Sixers and the Melbourne Stars.


Tonight is the ‘middle of the road’ commentary team of Jim Wilson and Andy Maher, again limited staff with the Boxing Day Test.


What did Seven do at 6pm in Melbourne and Sydney today? Did they stick on 7 or shift to a multi channel?


They shift it to 7mate.


Should that be shifted as in past tense or are you saying they do shift?

Because they’ve been sticking with the cricket beyond six to finish the last over lately, but obviously today went longer.

Was at the match so am curious.


It moved the cricket to 7mate just before 6pm AEDT. Mind you, had India claimed the final two wickets during the extra half hour (when the news was on) and win the test, there would have been lots of complaints from viewers.


Why? Anyone who wanted to watch it could have done so by switching to 7mate or Fox Cricket.


Don’t be silly. People are incapable of following the onscreen and voiceover instructions and pick up the remote and change the channel over. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


During the rain delay, Channel Seven replayed the 2nd Test at Perth Stadium with India 2nd innings. They changed from “LIVE & FREE” to “SPORT” caps.


With the early end to the Boxing Day test (India won by 137 runs), Seven will simulcast the WBBL match between Hobart Hurricanes and Brisbane Heat on both main channel and 7mate this afternoon.


which means there was hardly any post game wrap including captain interviews and player of the match.


They probably should have had the WBBL pre-game air only on 7mate and have the main channel join the coverage just before the match began. That would have given them some time to wrap up the test


It’s on in the WBBL innings break.


So is WBBL still airing on 7mate too? Surely would’ve made more sense to just whack on those random blokey show re-runs, rather than wasting a channel on a Sunday arvo


Would be a little upsetting if you’ve set your PVR for it though…


Have got a few pics of the OB gear which I’ll stick up later but here I think we can see where the Seven cameras are and also the hosting from the innings break.