Seven Cricket Coverage


The news cross I saw threw to JB and Fleming, which was then done by McClure and Fleming. Maybe JB was ill, Fleming stepped up to play by play (he’s the worst analyst of the 3 on tonight, but he’s also pretty bad at play by play) and Nannes stepped in at the last minute?


Yes, 7 News Tas definitely said they were crossing to JB and Fleming and I laughed because it wasn’t JB there.


well during the Boxing Day test, JB kept saying he was going to be there for the Derby and wasn’t so I think that was the case.


Is Bruce McAveney doing any commentating or just special(more like generic) 7 Sport videos?

Also, do seven have access to the ‘flying fox’? It’s clear Fox don’t let them use the rover but the flying fox/spider cam is hardly new tech.

No wonder 7’s coverage feels so low rent.


Lunch break interviews.



the BBL commentary has been so inaccurate this year.

Maher just said tomorrows match is 1 v 2 no its 1 v 3. there has been more too but I cant remember what it was. I am now keeping a list.



Maher is about to come under fire

just called the Geelong Cats the pussy cats


Yeah he’s copping a hammering on twitter as usual.


I know it’s so last year but…

He’s making a list.
He’s checking it twice.
Gonna check if Seven’s facts are right.
Lynton Martin is missing Ten.


Andy Maher is a great journo/host/boundary reporter/radio announcer, as demonstrated with BTG/Front Bar/SEN over the last near 20 years.

But unfortunately Barham got him to start calling when 10 got BBL and the rest is history :upside_down_face:


Think you’ll find that’s nothing new, nor exclusive to Maher.

Something about teacups and storms comes to mind.


Two things.
Andy worked at Ten when they had the BBL, so the coverage returning there does sweet FA.
And he’s always called them the Pussy Cats, hardly a new thing. And, like Frankie said, not exclusive to Radar.
Probably got their 1v2 info from that (was true at time of publishing).
And the Hobart v Sixers game is actually a 1v4 clash, so best add whomever it was that said it was 1v3 to your list.


well it was 1 v 3 when i looked at the ladder.


Apparently Tom Cooper the “Nightly News > 7 Tasmania” sports presenter is the boundary rider for the game tonight at Blundstone Arena. Not sure if this was planned or could have been due to issues with flights into Hobart with several flights diverted to Launceston or Melbourne or delayed due to fires and strong crosswinds at Hobart Airport.


Yep, flight problems. Nobody from Seven at Hobart, they tried three times but couldn’t get there. I guess they’re in a studio in Melbourne somewhere.

Jason Richardson and Greg Blewett and Brad Hodge in the studio but apologised and had a laugh about it.

Fortunately they’ve been able to get a “Live and Free” microphone for Tom Cooper so he doesn’t need the Nightly News one!


Looks like Richardson et al are calling the Hurricanes-Sixers match from Seven Melbourne studios at Docklands.


Sounds like Lisa Sthelaker was to be there too.


Caught a glimpse of “the Richies” on Foxtel’s coverage earlier today. Did Seven acknowledge “the Richies” on their coverage or were they too precious about showing them considering many were holding dotty Nine microphones?


I was wondering this exact thing…

I did notice a video from Seven News Sydney tonight with Alex Hart talking about the Richies and they did show vision there.