Seven Cricket Coverage


they had no post stumps analysis. They finished the coverage straight away similar to the Sunday AFL games.


Seven’s coverage went overtime anyway. Any post stumps analysis will be left to tomorrow morning’s one hour pre-game.


Fox are providing the cameras and the direction, which means Seven has no direct control on the camera shots used in their coverage during live play.


Really? That’s mind blowing. Seven been dealt the short straw there!


List of potential excuses:

  • The nature of the rights
  • The fact that Seven does the cricket instead of Nine/10
  • The fact that Fox has everything
  • No one likes Fox or Seven
  • People love Channel 9 because they’ve had cricket for 40+ years
  • Graphics are inferior
  • Commentators aren’t polished


It’s because Fox are the host broadcaster. An example of how it works in reverse is Fox League doing their own coverage of Nine-produced matches. In that case, Fox are beholden to what Nine show.


As someone who has Foxtel and enjoyed Fox’s ODI coverage, there are two reasons why I chose to watch the tests on Seven with commercials: Tim Lane and James Brayshaw, in that order. I prefer Fox’s graphics and pre-match and post-match coverage, but during play it’s the commentary that makes a difference for me.

Whichever test it is that Tim Lane only calls on radio is probably the one where I go back to Fox, hit mute, and listen to Tim and Bruce Eva on Macquarie.


Considering nine made a loss seven will as well.


Of course you did. You would have enjoyed it if seven had said they were airing cricket but put a telecast of bride and prejudice on.


Only got to watch a bit and catch up on things after work but after switching between the two I was settling on Seven, maybe because Shane Warne was on Fox but I didn’t see anything really wrong with Seven apart from the missing DRS ball tracking when that happened.


In all honesty, I hope Seven’s test coverage isn’t a sign of things to come for their BBL. It’s always been a marquee event when it was on 10 and I hope they will continue with that. if they don’t then the game will become irrelevant.

After their coverage yesterday though, I have my doubts and am hoping they won’t replicate their test coverage on the BBL, and treat it like (or even better than) how 10 treated it for many years.


Channel 10 adguested their sport coverage to suit the sport like you are saying. Seven tries to use their brand to slap over their coverage. I think it will be similar to what the WBBl was like on Seven.


I imagine it’ll be very similar if not identical to their wbbl coverage last weekend.


I haven’t heard much about Seven’s WBBL coverage, is it good?


Wasn’t that different to Ten’s as which was quite different to the test. That said, Jason Richardson doesn’t make a great cricket commentator.


Funny. 10’s similar coverage wasn’t panned as such whilst Seven doing something similar gets panned.

Having said that, I personally have this expectation that Seven should treat their 43 games better than 10, because that’s the only thing they have going for them. Treat it like a marquee event with build up excitement and on-air interactions. Get rid of James Brayshaw and Mel McLaughlin and have Alison Mitchell and Jim Wilson host BBL.

They shouldn’t let Fox be a shadow to them. Produce a unique coverage that will convince those who used to watch 10 to switch over.


The problem is the graphics don’t look fresh enough and are really just look like an extension of the Seven News brand. Particularly for T20s they will need to look a whole lot more exciting but given the WBBL coverage I won’t hold my breath.


The inconsistency of the 2 fonts is starting to annoy me. Maybe if it was just the one font, it could work well.


Being able to hear and not see the coverage, while at the oval and it seems fine. Nothing wrong with the sound of it.

Sounds like a normal cricket coverage that I have heard in the UK and other places around the world.


I like that thinner style of font - it looks good and a bit more like Nine’s coverage.